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While I enjoyed the strong Band program, many other areas are lacking. More funding goes to the sports programs than any other. While I am fine with sports programs receiving a lot of funding, I found myself gravitating to more Arts programs, which are lacking. We have a Drama Club, but we have no auditorium. All we have is a small stage in the cafeteria with limited storage space. We primarily have to fundraise all of our money if we want to do much of anything. There is a drive at the school to lots of extra-curriculars and college-level classes, but we don't exactly get a wide range of choices. A lot of it does come down to be a small school in a small area, however.
I like the atmosphere its an overall good place to study in there is just a lack of communication between teachers and students. Some teachers don't put enough effort to try and connect to the students.
I love our high school band. It is definitely known as one of the best bands around. And we’ve always had the best bad director around too. I very much appreciate all the help that is offered at our school
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Some of the teacher are pretty good I would really like there to be more variety for classes and extracurricular activities
Irrigon High School has been the only school I have ever attended. So I don't have much to what compare with, but I mean we don't have much we don't even have a real track but overall I like going there. It's like my second home, even thought everyone says they hate going their because it's a small town and there's nothing to do, I don't think I would go anywhere else. It's a small community but we all get along. Something I would change would be the food options they give us. We hardly ever get fruit that isn't processed from a can and if we are ever luck we get fresh cut watermelon once a year.

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Well i liked the Spanish classes and the other classes but their are also things i would love to see change like the way they deal with the bullying in the school and how the students act.
The high school in Irrigon is a very good school. The teachers are very friendly and try to help the students as much as they can. The school has a decent variety of classes for students to take, which have different levels of difficulty to challenge the students.
lots of bullying taking place without faculty and staff taking a stance. I witnessed many people consistantly feel uncomfortable or not valued as a student and more. mens sports are priority where women's is not even glanced at. women's coaching is not taken seriously and put on the back burner causing a lot of tension between girls attending school there.
The community is really great and really involved. The academics are pretty good too, there are good class options. Some of the staff isn't very respectful or professional.
Irrigon is a small town high school, which is okay, but it has a few issues. The administration drives off new teachers. One example that is well known throughout the school is Spanish. In two years, we had five different teachers, for one subject. The teachers there don't really care what students do so long as they aren't too loud and they can teach the few that actually pay attention in class. Even with all of those down sides, the athletics that are provided aren't bad. We don't have any nice facilities and we often don't keep coaches very long, the students that participate in them help the coaches and the new comers to their sports and have run an entire practice, more than once. This allows them to help others around them get better.
There are a lot of sports, but the coaches don't stay long and aren't always experienced in what they're coaching. There are a few cliques to watch out for.
The school doesn't get the funding it needs because it goes to a neighboring school, a lot of the teachers leave after their first year here and it is difficult for students to keep up with the constantly changing teaching styles. Coaches are biased, don't stay long, and often have no experience with the sport they're coaching. Some teachers that do stay are very committed and try their hardest to do their best.A lot of students are pretty nice, but there are a lot who are stuck-up and very rude. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of suicides recently, and it tears the students apart.
The few teachers that stay every year try really hard with the minimum funding in the school, but there are a lot of teachers that stay for one year or even less, and it's difficult to adjust to all of the new teachers and their teaching styles.
I would have to say that my favorite experiences are before the football game, seeing the crowd and all of the friendly faces, hearing the sound of the band playing and the cheerleaders chanting, and seeing the team run out onto the field ready to play. This school is unique because we are the underdogs and when we get out there, we dominate the competition or lose a close battle. If I had to do high school over again, I wouldn't chose this school because I want to have more options for courses and clubs and at this school the options are limited.
Many teachers at this school are high quality, meaning that they know what they are talking about, they are able to reach the students and communicate the lessons clearly, and they take the time to help students that struggle. There are some teachers that do not share these qualities. These teachers may have the knowledge for what they are teaching but complicate the lessons or lectures so much that students lose interest or have trouble keeping up. These teachers also make little to no effort to help students that are struggling, and if they do happen to offer their assistance, it isn't much help because they continue to complicate things.
The teachers at my school are rude, they never have a plan for the week. when we have deadlines the teachers never grade our papers or tests in time for us to re-take if needed. The math teacher doesnt help when you need it and works too fast pace. The teachers spread rumors about the students at Irrigon High School.
The school is some what safe but overall there is no real threat to the school and if something were to happen they have security cameras.
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students aren't very interested in the clubs they prefer sports so there are not many members in the clubs. some clubs are key club and cooking club.
This is my senior year and for the past four years it has been the best four years. I would choose to attend this school again because the teachers and staff are really friendly and really do care about a students education.
They provide us with good education, if help needed they will work one on one with us to help us with whatever we need help with.
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