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Iroquois West High School Reviews

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What I like about Iroquois West High School is that it is such a small school, that everyone kind of feels like family. You can really talk and get to know the teachers also. They truly do want to help you and teach you.
I liked that with all the diversity, you were allowed to be yourself. No one judged you for all the weird or strange things you did. Sure, you have the average groups you would see in high school, but they are not as tight-knit. It's almost like a family being at Iroquois West.
I have days where I love school and some where I just wanna leave. It has it's perks. There are many clubs to join. A bad thing, our teachers don't like to stay. I believe that in the past four years, we have had 7 different math teachers. Although, the English teachers are amazing. Our science department is also well. I believe our band and choir are most of the popular classes aswell
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I liked that it was a small school and that everyone knew eachother. I didn't like that everyone is so cliquey and that tge teachers pick favorites and the coqches pick favorites and if you're family isn't rich farmers then you were pretty much on the bench every gamd
Overall the teachers at Iroquois West are really great people, with a few exceptions. Their teaching styles are average, but they work for the students who are actually trying to gain some knowledge. The interest in students is very biased, many teachers have a favorite type of student or just a favorite student. Many teachers at Iroquois West have average communication skills, but a few of them actually know what they are talking about. Grade-wise the teachers tend to be random at times, but they usually get it all together by the time report cards need to come out.
I have never felt unsafe at Iroquois West High School. We practice security measures as well as threatening weather precautions. Students and faculty know how to respond in case of an emergency.
The extracurricular opportunities at Iroquois West are numerous. For every academic subject with the exception of English, there is at least one club. Many of our clubs and extracurricular activities have received recognition at the state level.
Overall, the teachers at Iroquois West High School are very, very good. My teachers encourage me to put forth my best work and challenge me academically.
Although it is a small school, Iroquois West offers students many opportunities. Over the past year we have added many Advanced Placement and Honors Courses which are very beneficial to those students who want to pursue a higher, more challenging academic track. Iroquois West also has a great camaraderie between social groups and classes. There is not a division like you would see in a typical American high school. For the most part, we are supportive of each other and our involvement in various extracurricular activities.
At Iroquois West, we don't have a school nurse. If you are injured or are feeling sick, you just talk to the secretaries in the office, and they'll handle everything. Most if not all students feel safe at IW. Like most schools, we have the occasional locker check, car check and drug dog sweep through the school. We've only had a 3 or 4 drug problems at the school since I've been there, and they were all just involving 1 or 2 students. Overall its a safe and friendly environment. Everyone knows everyone and we've been going to school together since pre-school.
There are a good amount of after school activities available. Clubs ranging from FFA to NHS to chess club. I was more into the sports so I never really got involved into chemistry club or FFA. But, from what my peers have told me, they are all great things to be apart of.
I've had many great experiences at IW. I would have to say that one of the best times of the year is when the basketball season starts for the girls/boys. The students love getting involved in the games. Our student section at the games is one of the best around. It's something that all students can get involved in, no matter what their interest are. Our girls basketball team is pretty good. In the past few years, they've gotten to the sweet-sixteen, Super 8, and The Final Four. Last year, 2014, they finished 3rd in the state. We took 3 Bus loads of students to Red Bird Arena at Illinois State University. Our student section took up a whole corner section of the arena from the top to the bottom. If I could go to high school again, I definitely would. I loved supporting the IW on my uniform every time I played in a sporting event.
Over the years, IW has gotten many new teachers. Some fresh out of college. So for a lot of them, its something new. They might not have the best teaching qualities, but they do what they can with the knowledge they have. All teachers have different teaching techniques, so its hard to compare them. There's a small amount of teachers who it usually takes them forever to put grades in the grade book. I've talked to students and that is their biggest pet peeve about the teachers at IW.
At my school there isnt a whole lot of bullying or fighting. There are no security guards or metal detectors. There has never been an issue with violence at my school. I feel pretty safe at my school.
My school provides: Spanish club, chemistry club, math team, chess club, rifle club, mentors, NHS, spirit club, and art club. I think that the National Honor Society (NHS) is most fun because we get to we get to raise money and give back to the community and people in need. For Christmas we set up a Toys for Tots donation where we raise money and buy toys with that money for children who don't get anything for Christmas. This year we raised almost 900 dollars for the children. We don't have as many extracurricular activities as other school but the ones we do have are fun.
This is my last year that I will be attending IWHS and I have had a great experience here. Everyone at my school supports one another and always encourage students to do their best. The community is great and is supportive in every way. Just last year my basketball team advanced to state. We wouldn't have done it without the community coming to every game supporting us. Before my team left for state we went to a local restaurant, when we finished we found out that our meal had been payed for. It is the little things that people do for one another and that is why I love being at IWHS.
The teachers at my school are well rounded, educated people who are willing to give up their time to help students. Everyday, my teachers tell me hello and ask me how my day is going. I respect my teachers and appreciate everything they do to help me learn everything I need.
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I think our school doesn't have a lot of peer pressure which is good. Students know they can be who they want without giving in.
With common core how teachers teach has changed. Some like it other hate it.
Our school offers FFA which is a great organization for students to get involved in.
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