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Iroquois Senior High School Reviews

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I really enjoyed the students in my school. My graduating class had a great bunch of kids. As far as the school goes, I really do not feel they do as good of a job preparing us for college. Teachers and others do not push us to succeed unless you are in the top 10% of the class.
- No bullying
- Nice and helpful teachers
-Easy to get involved in clubs
-Lots of clubs
-Easygoing principal
-Offers Erie-1 BOCES
the academics offered in this school is high and the teachers are very supportive and they push you to fo your best
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the students in this school are really nice and its easy to make friends. There really isn't any peer pressure in this school because we are taught not to do it school. the students are accepted because we all know how it feels to not be accepted.
all the activities in this school are very well organized and so much fun to be at. Everyone attending are happy and excited to be there. there are many clubs at this, there is radio club which is so much because they play music at every event.Also there is student government, who makes all of the activities and that club is very intertaining
My experience in this school has been amazing. i enjoyed going to school it was my favorite thing to do because i got to see my friend. everyone at this school is so friendly and very optimistic about this school. all the teachers are happy to see their students. i would chose this school because i had the best memories here and if i could i would go back to redo them because they were amazing
Teachers at my school were amazing and very helpful. They were there when I needed them. The way the teachers taught at my school was great because they used life situations and brought those situations into their teaching techniques. They had a genuine interest in their students.they made us feel that we were all important.
I enjoyed several clubs and sports.
Lots of club opportunities and good AP course selection.
Students are interested in helping the kids learn and grow. They don't mind offering extra help.
I love everything I've done at Iroquois. Mostly I've enjoyed the sporting events I've taken place in over my 4yrs. Track has been so influential in my life and it's been with great honor to have taken place in many races where I've won or have been in the winning relay. I also love going to school dances and comedy events that are very well organized at our school and our great to be a part of.
I really love my teachers at my school, one thing I love about them is that they always take the time out of their busy schedules to help you with your problems and they hold review classes to prepare you for tests! They're also very knowledgeable on every subject and they strive to make you a better student. They also are clear in their teachings and their style of teaching is excellent and they always put a smile on your face each day.
I have never felt as if my life was threatened at this school. There is at least one policeman that is at Iroquois. All doors are locked at all times throughout the school day and whenever anybody enters the school, they must sign in at the front office. There are frequent drills and drug dog sweeps as well.
There are plenty of options for extracurriculars at this school. There are so many clubs offered that I have lost count. Some examples are radio club, stem (a recycling club), diversity club and lead. Many teachers have taken it into their own hands to start clubs that they believe the students will enjoy and partake in.
I think that overall, so far, it has been pretty average. This school is not much of a trouble school but there is the occasional bullying that takes place at every school. Seeing my friends every day in the morning helps me to stay upbeat even on my worst days. I have spent long hours working on large amounts of homework over the years but it has payed off.
I know a few of the teachers at this school that are extremely devoted to helping students learn and genuinely care about if the students are successful or not. However, there are some teachers that assign work as busy work and are unaware of how much homework that other teachers give the students as well and mostly assign the work for grading purposes.
Teachers do a nice job in the classroom. The math department, with the exception of Ms Edbauer and Ms Cuer, is VERY weak!!! Many students turn away from higher level math, because they feel like they are not prepared well for NYS exams. I do not understand why Mr Betrus, who is an excellent Math teacher is stuck watching kids in the ICE room rather than teaching math?!?
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Iroquois is a pretty safe community, everyone knows everyone and we take it for granted. Security measures are pretty loose, because everyone just expects our community is not a community where anything bad could happen. Students respect each other, for the most part. There is very little bullying in this school. Students can be who they are without other students targeting them. Safety is usually not a concern, but the drug and alcohol use at this school, as other schools is more severe than anyone acknowledges. It should be addressed more, as should multiple sex partners, social media sexting and harassment. The high school nurse is great, but not so much in the middle school.
Iroquois offers opportunities to do well an be a leader. The teachers are friendly and care about their students. I think you get out what you are willing to put in. Our school community is great, parents, teachers and coaches care about kids. The administration is a too relaxed. Kids can dress how they please, do pretty much what they want with little consequence. I think the rules and boundaries need to be a little tighter. The guidance department does very little to help kids prepare for college, scholarships, their futures. It is pretty much left up to individual students and their parents to fill out forms and meet deadlines. What if parents aren't able to help or aren't eager to help? Overall, it's a great place to grow up.
Parents at this school are very supportive of their kids! We are very lucky!
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