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Iroquois Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I am currently a Junior at Iroquois Junior/Senior High School. I feel like I am part of a family there. I'm very well-rounded, have many friends, and involved in a lot of the school functions and activities. I love that it being so small, I am given the opportunity to participate in various activities. The teachers are very responsive to my questions, and have an open-door policy.
The majority of the staff is super supportive and they always make sure to help their students when they need it. I've never had a teacher tell me my goals are unrealistic instead they support my decision and go out of their way to help me meet these goals. There are, however, a very small amount of staff members who aren't very supportive and only care about select groups of students.
Iroquois High School is a small school to begin with but that's what makes it such a great school. It's easy to connect with the teachers in small classroom sizes. Everyone is friendly which makes the school a community in itself. I've learned a lot not only academically but also life lessons as well. Overall, my experience at Iroquois has been the best.
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I hate this school. Teachers are great but the school and style is horrible.
Grading is kind of everywhere, but teachers are very knowledgeable.
We don`t have a ton of non-athletic extracurricular activities here. I wish we had a math club. But, the sports are pretty great. We have awesome coach, great support and probably more funding than a school our size really needs.
I really just love this school. The classes are pretty small because the school itself is. The teachers are pretty great at what they do and I think most of them are awesome just as people. The students are pretty close and know each other because there isn`t too many of us (about 65 in my class). I wouldn`t choose any other school over this one.
Most of my personal experience at the school involved with the mathematics teachers as this is my favorite subject. I look into things outside of class and they are very open to questions I have about the things I learn on my own time when they are able to answer it. I think that`s awesome that they get involved with students interest that might not really be involved with their lessons.
I take one AP class and one honors class of the three I take at Iroquois. I definitely can't say I don't stress, but overall the workload is fair given the classes I take. The only problem I have is with English class. I understand that I will be in college next year; however, some of the things seem a little above our level of abilities for English. As a senior, I can honestly say that at Iroquois, we barely spend time of the more important, fundamental parts of English class. We don't spend much time on grammar, main idea, and other main subjects. We spend more time analyzing Shakespeare. It is my least favorite class.
To get into the school, there is a buzzer to alert the secretaries to unlock the door, then visitors are to go directly to the office and sign. That is about it. There is also an officer that walks around the school. I've spoken to him a few times, and he is very friendly. However, the school nurse does not do very well. I personally try not to go to the nurse unless I have a headache or chest pains (due to a medical condition) and need Tylenol. My friends, on the other hand, have not had the best experiences. When they've gone to her will issues such as vomiting, she won't do very much unless there is physical proof or a witness of them getting sick. The nurse and secretaries are not very nice.
The majority of the teachers at Iroquois genuinely care about their students. I attend Erie County Technical school for half of my day, so I am only enrolled in three classes at Iroquois. However, in all three classes I can honestly say that I feel like I am learning something. There are many chances for students to be involved in what is happening and I must say that I like my school.
I am a three season athlete so I don't have much time for other activities, but I know there are a lot of them available.
I like being at Iroquois. We always say small school, big pride, and that shows in many different ways. When I started here in 7th grade, the spirit wasn't very high, but as my class, with help from some administration changes and the classes of 2015 and 2017, have greatly improved how our school acts.
Honestly, it depends on the teacher, but overall the teachers are very helpful.
I have had some fun times at the school, but since I was in 9th grade we have had 3 or 4 different principles, making many rules inconsistent.
Some teachers are obviously trying harder than others. A few may do just enough to get by, but for the most part the teachers work hard and will go out of their way.
They are good at what they do
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It was an okay high school for me. I learned a lot of valuable things in life. Even though I didn't know how to prepare for college, I still miss it and sometimes I wish I was able to go back
The school nurse at my high school didn't really do much. If you had a really bad stomach ache and didn't feel good, she would give you a tum or saltine crackers and have you go back to class. We always joked around saying that if you broke an ankle or something she would give you a tums and have you go back to class
The menus at the high school were pretty bad. There were 3 lines. One was always chicken patties, pizza, burgers, and pbj. Another one was the special of the day and it was usually gross food. The last line was soup and sald bar or sandwich bar. In the back of the cafeteria was a snack bar that had like soft pretzels, chips and other unhealthy foods.
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