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My first period teacher and the rest of the students is having a track or treating on the whole track and we need a lot of candy and costumes
The foods nasty the adults are rude and don't do their jobs they favorite kids and mistreat the slower children this school is a hell hole kids light fireworks into the school and security treats kids like pray.
Iroquois High School has been a great school for the past 4 years and I would recommend it to anyone. The only thing I would like to see changed is school funding, I believe there should be an increase so we can update textbooks and other essentials
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I like about Iroquois is that is diversity. When I walk in the hallway I see many cultures and many countries that in one school. I would like to change the school clubs. We need to increase the clubs and activities for school because we don’t gave enough clubs or is not students interest.
I enjoyed my time at Iroquois, I learned many things and met many amazing people who have inspired and impacted my future.
I like the friendships and experiences I gained from the school. Things that could improve is the organization and some of the staff.
My experience at Iroquois High School was one of a kind. I joined a family the year of 2011. The wolf pack. I took honors and AP classes my freshmen year. So every class was pretty much with the same people. That continued through my senior year. As well as the teachers. I created a bond with my class and I wouldn't change a thing. Being the largest class to graduate, Iroquois not only provided me with an education, but with a second home to. Making my experience ordinary.
Some of the teachers are nice and will try there best to do what you ask of them and the school is big but not as big as my old school.
Iroquois high school is a great school. It has so many nationalities and cultures, you can learn so much from it. I totally recommend it.
It's fine however they could improve their difficulty level on the course work
The kids make the environment the way it is parents are not the biggest contributors.
It's an okay school. It all depends on the teacher you have but if you have a problem with a teacher you will be able to switch classes.
I enjoyed my time there. It's very diverse.
A lot of topics are brought up by students but never really talked about among the class
There is a lot of peer pressure at this school
There is no school nurse, and bullying is an everyday thing for most students. A lot of students do not feel safe or cared for while in the building
There is not that many clubs to offer, but the most popular sport was boy's basketball which had the most support from the school in 2014 when I attended
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My overall experience at this school was okay, but I would not choose this school again but I feel I didn't learn a lot, and it did not prepare me for the next chapter in my life which is college.
The teachers that I have encountered are very nice and caring, but I do not think they helped prepare me for college. They teaching styles were ok but they did not teach me what I needed to know to even be successful in college but I didn't let that stop me.
The staff does everything to make sure the students are safe.
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