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Iroquois High School Reviews

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I really like the fact that it is small, because everyone knows everyone and you can get plenty of one on one help any time you need it! Hopefully by the time you leave you dont think of your teachers as just teachers but also as a friend!
I liked the teacher and that they did their best to help a student succeed as far as something i would like to change I am not sure I enjoyed my time at Iroquois and will be sad to leave.
Overall, Iroquois is a very nice school and they try very hard to prepare their students for college and onward.
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My school is very small, I know everybody in my class and in my whole school. The best part about being in a small school is the connections you make with everybody, including students and faculty. I have been involved in many extracurricular activities, including drama, sports, and all clubs I can be in. Being in those has made my high school career one to remember. I have attended Iroquois my whole life, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. This school has shaped me into who I am today and I am proud to say they made me a better overall person.
School in Iroquois is fun. Everyone here knows each other. We have all basically grown up together. There are a few new students every once in awhile, but everyone seems to fit in very well. Because of our size, we are not very "cliquey". Everyone is friends with everyone, just for the simple fact that we know and have been around each other almost all our lives. Being such a small school, we have one class. I have had the same teacher for each subject for almost my entire high school career. With this, everyone is used to each teacher's teaching style and what to expect in each class.
Very accepting of all students
Any experience is how you choose to make it. I chose to make my education a positive one.
Hey, it's cafeteria food. It's never perfect
As good as most small schools
Really very good for the most part
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