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Ironwood Ridge High School provides a beneficial learning environment that allows dedicated students to learn and succeed. However, the clubs and activities are limited and not very many people are involved due to lack of stress on that aspect of the high school experience. Overall, it has been a great school where I have been able to make friends and succeed in my classes. Most of the teachers are great and have taught me well in interactive and effective ways.
The student body is laid back and friendly. The teachers for the AP program and advanced level classes do a great job.
The school is overall fine, but nothing special. There are a lot of good teachers but very little school spirit.
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Ironwood Ridge is a good school that helps you grow into the person your going to be by giving you the tools to be successful. The material is hard but with the help of nice staff, nothing is impossible.
I loved this school. Very great student activities. The teachers are amazing. The athletics are competitive and inclusive.
I love my school, many of the teachers are very kind and I’ve to teach. Something that I would change is, some things get stolen. I understand it happens, but its not okay.
Science, English and arts departments are the strongest, but the teachers in the math, languages and history aren’t the best. The campus is very big and perfect for the size of the school and the administrators are very strict and always want the best for their student.
Ironwood Ridge High School offers an average high school experience. There are probably better options to send your child to, but if you live in the area and are looking at public schools, they're all pretty average with their small differences that, depending on what you're interested in, can make a big difference. If you're interested in art or sports, you'll love Ironwood. The art teachers do phenomenal work with their small budget, and every teacher is accommodating if you do sports. Other than that, it's just like every other poor school in a state that ranks 48/50 in education; it more or less sucks and is overrun with drug issues. But really, you'll find that at any high school in the area. That's just Arizona's average high school.
I liked that the majority of the students were kids I had known since elementary school, the teachers were very good and wanted to see students succeed. I didn’t like that there was small cliques of people that made it difficult for other students to feel like they fit in.
This school is like other high schools. The academics are average and the people are nice. It isn't the best school out there but it also is not the worst.
I have not personally had any problems at this school but I know many people who have. There is apparently a lot of drug and gang activity, but in my experience, as long as you stay away from those types of crowds you don't even notice they're there. Teachers are mostly nice, some are really great and obviously passionate while others are very obviously not.
Ironwood Ridge is a high performing high school with tons of opportunities for its' students to succeed and prepare for college.
At Ironwood, you walk through the giant teal colored gates and are instantly welcomed by the principal and assistant principal. The staff and teacher go out of their way to make sure that they get to know you and find out your goals for college and life.
I enjoy many of the teachers, they really are very passionate about their students’ education. The sports programs in the school are very intense but produce excellent athletes. There is not much school spirit within the school, but Student Government is trying to encourage more spirit. I have enjoyed the years I have spent at the school, and am grateful for all of the memories made.
Ironwood Ridge High School is a very athletically inclined school with moderate fine arts programs and academics. The administration does their best to provide care and order in the school and communicates very well with parents and students. Resources are used appropriately and fairly. The teachers are mixed with both amazing and average educators. There is a constant security presence and drills are conducted as required. The community is great and beneficial to learning.
Some of the teachers were engaging and creating an amazing learning environment, while other seemed like they were just trying to leave. Some of the coaching was terrible.
You only get to do high school once. Or at least, that's how it should be. In my experience, like all schools it had its good teachers and it had its bad ones. I was lucky enough to survive them and graduate.
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I think that IRHS is a great school, however they are relatively underfunded, and some of my classrooms did not even have textbooks in them. As well as this, the newly hired teachers do not do a good job because they are so underpaid. However, the atmosphere of the school and the diversity is very good.
Although high school is a struggle wherever you go, Ironwood Ridge High School has some teachers who where simply amazing. They were willing to help me when I needed it and they were understanding. The counselors are the best there. They are always ready and willing to help. I have not regretted one second with my counselor. Even if your counselor is absent, another will happily work with you. It's amazing; they are sweet and genuinely good hearted people. Some of the students are the only downside for this school. They typically don't care and they are actively obnoxious. However, the teachers and staff make it worth it.
It starts out slow but it's very easy to get into the flow. Expect at least twice as much homework as anyone says you will get.
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