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Ironwood provided a multicultural and diverse experience where people's cultures and religions were able to thrive and be respected. The staff did a great job at encouraging students to become successful in many different ways, including life lessons and applicable advice for the future. The teaching methods were flexible to make sure all students could succeed.
My experience at IHS has been phenomenal. Every single teacher that I've had has been exceptional in their own, unique way. Every teacher does their part to make sure that each student is not just passing their class, but that they're also succeeding in the class. The school also offers an array of classes to fit the needs of students and their interests. The school is also home to both the IB and AP programs, so it offers more rigorous courses that many students are interested in. As far as social life goes, IHS passes every test with flying colours. The students are friendly, the staff have a genuine passion for what they do and overall, IHS is just an amazing place to receive a high school education and has certainly made me proud to call myself an IHS Eagle.
Ironwood High School gave me the best possible education that a public school can give. Most of the teachers I had were amazing people who would do anything to help me succeed.
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It is known to be one of the best school. The school motto is ''Just better here". I in some ways do not agree with. If i could see a change it would be the way people treat other people because it is absolutely ridiculous to see someone by themselves.
Ironwood High School was very welcoming during my years there! It was always a pleasure entering campus each day.
Classes were good. Your standard high school experience. I have had some great 4 years . I have enjoyed most of my classes and I have had a great time with friends. Overall the students at Ironwood are very accepting of on another we have a great unified sports program and everyone get involved in clubs .
The academic program at Ironwood is great, but the funding and athletics are lack luster. I was involved in the IB program, which did prepare me for college, but it is questionable if the credits would transfer. I would say bullying and clichés were averagely low at Ironwood, but there was many fights and issues with students drinking.
Great school spirit and excellent educational opportunities, including AP classes, ESL classes, and IB classes (the only high school in Peoria school district with them). Athletic program is competitive in most sports.
I like the student body of Ironwood High School, who although a majority of may be going through many challenges and tests, can still work to improve and advance.
Average high school but needs a lot of work still. Did not really prepare me for college so teachers need to be replaced and units need to be more college based.
I loved going to Ironwood. It is a very friendly environment and very diverse. The teachers are almost always available when you need help.
This school does a really good job at supporting and encouraging students to try classes and new things to enjoy the full high school experience . The school's faculty are great and have done their best to help in school . The campus is beautiful and the majority of the time clean as well. I have no complains about the rules that students need to follow, we are treated fairly and with care.
Ironwood High School is a very supportive school. It isn't very clique-y, which is nice. Most teachers care about there students a lot and it shows in their work. There are many sports (but most don't have the best records) and clubs (and most are small). It has the IB program, which few schools in Arizona have. It has a fantastic, albeit rather small arts program. Generally, there seems to be something for everyone at Ironwood.
Ironwood High School is a good school. I participated in cheerleading and marching band as sports. The directors and coaches are very nice and helpful. They take pride in their work and students. For the most part, the teachers are the same way.
I loved how some of my teachers and coaches went above and beyond to help me when I struggled. I would not have passed if it was not for their support
The IB program at Ironwood is excellent. The regular classes are not great. The security is not the best and often create unnecessary problems. Also, many of the students are rude.
This school is filled with the best teachers that know how to connect with their students and teach in a way that not only engages the students, but excites them. I would rather call the teachers story tellers; they understand how to relate to the younger generation. This school also did an amazing job preparing me for college and what to expect in college work and general academics. The student population was immensely diverse and filled with lovable people that would drop whatever they are doing just to help out a fellow student with nearly anything. I loved my experiences at this high school, and these are memories I am never going to be able to forget.
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I loved that Ironwood High School strives for excellence in all they do. I had wonderful teachers who really cared about the students and always made class fun! Mrs. Robb is the best biology teacher I ever had. She is very energetic and is willing to help students succeed. Mr. Mangan was a great English teacher who really helps you understand poetry. Mr. Flanagan made history come alive and helped us to learn how to apply what’s going on now to events that happened before. I had a great high school experience at Ironwood.
Ironwood high school is an amazing school. The IB and AP programs provides rigorous academic programs for students to excel in. Excellent teachers that will challenge your way of thinking.
Ironwood was a high school that made education fun and provided courses that could possibly turn into future career goals. For example, I loved to cook and bake and took several culinary courses throughout my high school career. While that wasn’t the career I chose to pursue, I certainly felt I learned everyday skills and potential professional skills when working in a kitchen.
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