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I really enjoyed the teachers here and the overall atmosphere, but some of the facilities could have been cleaner.
Ironwood High School is an amazing school. The school offers many opportunities for the students to succeed in life. For example, I was involved in clubs such as SHS, NHS, and IB club. The school environment is welcoming and friendly due to its wonderful students. From personal experience, I have only met people who continued to cheer, comfort, and support me. I am grateful for enjoying my high school experience through IHS because I felt like I truly belonged there.
Having attended Ironwood High School I can, with confidence, say that it is one of the best schools in the Peoria District and potentially the Glendale/Peoria area. I attended another school in the same district, and the experience was not the same. I ran track while I was at Ironwood so I saw many other schools across the Phoenix area. I often spoke to other students at other schools and their high school experience always sounded bland compared to what Ironwood offered. The amount of academic, religious, and recreation clubs at Ironwood is immense and I tend to look back and wish I did more. Facilities are always in good condition and I only had one teacher I didn't like! Ironwood also gave plenty of flexibility for online classes of which I took two. There is a special area of the library designated to these classes. I have few suggestions for improvement but I will say that the district's lack of funding showed in an absence of some classroom resources like textbooks.
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I like how each staff I met was very helpful and patient with me, considering I was new to this school. All teachers had a calming manner while answering questions and teaching. About every classmate is nice too. They should however make online a little simpler since we’re new to this type of learning.
Teachers and staff will treat you as family; good variety of clubs and programs (academic, arts, tech, business, etc.); great performing arts department; excellent academics department (IB program/AP classes).
I absolutely loved this school. This an amazing school that offers great academics and has amazing sports programs that they offer. This school will always make you included from assembly's to clubs and pretty much anything that will get you involved in any way. Overall Ironwood Highschool is an amazing school that will make you feel included and will provide an amazing chance to explore many different things and will be guaranteed to have a great experience.
It was a great school. They helped me graduate early and helped me with applying to different colleges.
I like the programs and classes Ironwood has to offer, such as the multitude of IB and AP classes on campus. I currently take IB classes and the Ironwood teachers are phenomenal. I get help if needed in the library through tutoring and my teachers are amazing at engaging students in lessons.
Ironwood high school has been great, the atmosphere is very unique and to be honest, "Its Just Better Here". Ironwood handled online school very well although nothing is better than being taught in person.
What I like about my school is the community and the education. The community because it's very helpful. The education because teachers actually have good ways of teaching. The only thing that can change is the significant amount of effect of finals, on final grade, I feel like the percentage is too high, and it's unfair for those who did good all year but do a little bad in the final. This can lead to a grade drop which kind of sucks. But I love my school!
Ironwood High School was a school packed with spirit. A diverse amount of students made school feel comfortable for everyone, and with plenty of different after school sports and clubs, students have plenty of opportunities to get the most out of their highschool experience!
Small, lots of school pride. There are not a lot of programs nor clubs and activities to participate in. Sports is better than average.
The community is very diverse and very welcoming. The students attending are incredibly competitive, which makes the experience all the more enjoyable.
Ironwood High School provides a fun and flexible learning environment for its students. There is a variety of clubs and activities for a student to participate in. Every student will feel appreciated and welcome at this school.
My early experiences during freshman year in high school started off simple. They offer a lot of extra curriculum activities and after school clubs. Ironwood High School also provides an IB program. I was intrigued by their presentation, so I tried it out for two years. I figured it wasn't a fit for me, so I chose to take honors classes and some that offers dual enrollment. I'm currently a senior this year and one of the best experiences I've participated in was one of the homecoming assemblies, especially spirit week. Everyone in school is diverse and there's always a place for someone to connect with. The positive community being built around my school is outstanding. One minor thing I would like the school to change is upgrading some worn off facilities and wash rooms.
From the start my teachers were all very nice and just the community of people at the school were great. The teachers walked me step by step through everything I needed help with, and genuinely seemed to care. I also didn't have to be scared to ask where my classes were. It has overall been a good experience so far.
Ironwood high creates an environment for any student to find a passion they can turn into a career in. Surrounding the students in a rich academic culture, each teacher is invested into their students making it a safe environment.
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Overall, my experience at Ironwood has been very average. We have quite a few amazing teachers, but there's always a few bad apples. The administration isn't proactive or up to par at all.. they fail to listen to student concerns. My friend and I reported two of the Special Education teachers for being very aggressive with a student in front of us, and the school failed to even look into the harassment after assuring us they would. Additionally, there are staff on this campus that treat students terribly and not as they to how they're still employed is unbeknownst to me.
Our clubs and student involvement are great, and most of my peers are a part of a community on campus (whether it's athletics, music, a cultural club, or anything in between). I've played sports here, been on the Sports Medicine team, and am involved in our district's inter-school STEM program.
Overall, Ironwood High School is unextraordinary as far as high schools go, and there are highs and lows.
it was ok but sometimes at lunch a dj would come out and do his dj thing and i think the money used on him could've been used for something like buying new textbooks. one time a band came out during lunch. it was very weird. i also did not like the way they handled the covid 19 situation as it related to education. lastly, i once walked into a bathroom to find a toilet seat barely hanging on by a bolt!
The school is very welcoming and the faculty is always there for the students. There is a good amount of classes, clubs, and resources. The students are pretty welcoming.
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