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Ironton High School is very Prestigious and definitely worth the Blue Ribbon Reward it was given in 2014. However, it is so prestigious is knowledge and athletics that there is little to no light shining on art. Most of their media is mediocre quality, and I had to hold most of it up to keep the show running and when I left it definitely revealed a downfall. Ironton High School however also offers a secondary school that has the best Graphic Design technology in the state, but sadly this school is looked in a negative light because it also is used as an alternative school.
Regardless, if you want a smart kid, then bring them here. If you want a creative kid then take them to Collins by don’t expect any good out of it from the high school. (I received a National Technical Honors society certificate and the school refused to announce it.)
I loved going to Ironton high school. The staff there cared about how you were doing and if you were not doing good they did what they could to help you out. They have hard classes to challenge you and classes to prepare you in the future.
Went to Ironton all 4 years of high school and loved it! I think they should have had more of a quantity when it came to sports and coaches did not show favoritism. Made a lot of friends, but would not live it over. Some teaches were great other teachers were average because they just treated teaching like a job and did not care. I think that students should get thrown out of sports if they could not pass a drug test. I believe that teachers and principles showed favoritism just because I did not participate in school sports only because I show horses all of the time and didn't have time for sports.
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Ironton is focused on preparing their students for college and for life after high school. The staff and administration are amazing.
I've enjoyed being a member of air force rotc. I have had many employment opportunities at Ohio University. The clubs I have joined have helped me make tons of life long friends.
The teachers vary. Some are high quality and some are low.
We are more of a conservative town with Christian values. I wouldn't say we don't accept others, but it's still very hard to at this point.
There were a lot of very knowledgeable and likeable teachers at IHS. they integrated a lot of technology and tried to use a lot of real- world experiences to teach their lessons.
There are a lot of good extra- curricular activities. Most were financially accommodating.
We have the most school spirit and school tradition the dates back for decades. I've never seen any other small town like ours with such school spirit that would do anything or their kids.
I felt, in comparison to other students from nearby school districts and also in comparison to students I met in college, at a great disadvantage. I felt very unprepared academically as well as socially.
If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else but Ironton High.
We have police at our school every day, and the nurse is always there to help when you need anything. I feel very safe.
I think the student body as a whole is accepting. You don't see a whole lot of bullying. We have a lot of racial diversity and many people with a different sexual orientations and no one really has many problems with it.
There are some teachers who obviously don't put enough time into their classes, and some whose grading isn't fair, but for the most part we have great teachers who really care about their students and go above and beyond.
Other than the hamburgers, I think the food is decent. We have a wide variety of options on the menu, especially with the sale of "extras".
I think all the faculty genuinely cares about the students and wants to see them succeed.
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Sports are very big at our school. Our football and basketball players are practically celebrities. We have a variety of other options though, including volleyball, tennis, even bowling, and many others. We also have a great music program. We have an awesome, super fun band, a choir, and an amazing drama club that puts on very high quality performances. There are also clubs for just about anything you can thing of. One for every subject and religious clubs also. And last, but not least, an amazing academic team. There's something for just about everyone.
Workload not so bad, each class is interesting in it's own way.
you could have a broken leg and she would only offer you a pack of crackers and a juice box.
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