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I am giving it a 4/5 simply because it is way better than most schools, but it still isn’t amazing. The environment of the school itself is very stressful, but there are still fun things going on sometimes. It honestly depends on the day.
I love the teachers and their want to always help people achieve, but I mostly loved all of the options that the school offers for electives and classes that show you a wide range of options.
It's okay. It's not big enough for the amount of kids that go there, which they should really fix. The musicals are hit or miss and stage crew is a bad environment, which sucks. The hallways get super crowded during passing time and you must learn to weave in between the clumps of students, which gets annoying. However, it is way better than Dake in literally every single way it can be so it has that going for it. They have good electives and okay enough teachers, so it's fine, I guess. Dake was just really terrible and that makes the high school seem way better than it actually is.
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Irondequoit High School tries so hard to do things, but nothing changes. Administration only punishes people, not support them in any problems they may have. Counselors only help with college. So many kids are stressed and no one does anything about it. Too much homework, people are smoking and drinking because of the stress. And all the school does is punish them. They don’t care about their students no matter how much they claim they do.
This school provides students with lots of opportunities both academic and extracurricular. Being in this school has opened many doors for me and brought about some amazing experiences that I'm sure I wouldn't have had if I didn't attend this school.
To be honest Irondequoit High School is pretty basic it would be great to see more diversity within the school
Irondequoit has been a great place to grow and learn in a diverse and welcoming environment. I've met some incredible friends and had some amazing teachers, however I think there should be less of a divide between the level of education in an advanced class versus the level of education in a regular level class.
I loved how many AP classes they offered, really helped me get a head and feel prepared for college. I also liked a majority of the faculty. I felt that they were very invested and genuinely cared about the students. The only downside was that they did not have advanced classes until 8th grade, so a lot of students were unchallenged and bored in middle school.
At Irondequoit High School you get the benefit of a smaller classroom setting with the excellence of a professional teaching staff. Teachers are committed to helping student succeed and also excel in extra curricular activities ranging from a variety of options.
Irondequoit High School holds education very highly, and I have had very positive experiences, in that almost all of my teachers have gone above and beyond in ensuring I excel in my classes. Not only do they care deeply for the students' educations, but they are open and easy to talk to about life and are very invested in the students. This school makes students feel very safe and valued while effectively preparing them to succeed and be prepared in the future.
I loved the community that Irondequoit High School has established. It reflected town values and culture. I always felt supported by staff and was given many opportunities to better my education.
Helpful, caring teachers, plenty of APs, advanced classes, electives, clubs, sports, great music program
I love the school spirit here and the huge amount of activities you have the opportunity to get involved in. One thing I wish would change is the actions done by administration for students who violate school code or act in a disrespectful manner. The environment of our school was a lot better about 2 years ago and has declined recently.
Irondequoit has helped me figure out what I want to do in my life. Helped me decide how I should go about applying and choosing the right college
I enjoyed my teachers. They were very helpful. However, I think there needs to be more emphasis on anti-bullying.
Good school, offers a lot of opportunities for AP classes. A bit too much drama, excellent sports program
I can't speak highly enough about how well prepared my kids are for college and for life because of this outstanding school and district. The teachers are phenomenal and the administration is first rate. They instill in all students the confidence to challenge themselves inside and outside of the classroom and ---most of all-- teach them to be good people who care about one another and the world around them. It does my heart good to see so many kids who have made their way through Irondequoit schools become successful in so many fields as adults. I am confident my kids will follow in their footsteps thanks to the amazing education they received at IHS.
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Irondequoit offers such a welcoming environment for all students. the school has a way of assimilating them into the school and allowing them to call it home while getting a world class education.
My experience at Irondequoit high school for the past for 4 years has been amazing the teachers are there to help you every step of the way and you meet a lot of great life long friends as well. They have great academics, the graduation rate is high and Irondequoit high school offers lots of electives such as music and arts and also tons of clubs and activities everyone can enjoy.
Irondequoit high school was a very good switch for me. I moved to irondequoit my freshman year and just graduated from there this year. I was able to get adjusted to the new school thanks to the amazing teaching staff and the athletic opportunities that were offered
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