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Diversity at the school has definitely gotten much better, there's people of all races and ethnicities. I don't really see very much bullying, however, there's plenty of drama and fights and the students don't really interact much. Everyone has their own friend group and that's about it. Pretty much, if you aren't on a sports team you aren't "cool" or "popular" and for me, being on 3 sports teams, I feel ashamed when people tell me that I'm favorited in school because I am an athlete. I feel like the administration doesn't do enough. I used to skip class everyday and get into trouble all the time and I've never been benched or suspended. Kids definitely are way too stressed and they (like me) have turned to Marijuana (an illegal drug) and alcohol to manage the stress. The school environment is very very negative and needs to be fixed.
My Highschool career has been nothing short of memorable. Over the past four years I have participated in many activities that the school offers. I have been in student council for 3 years, helped back stage or been in the annual spring musicals and took numerous great classes. The wide variety of classes students can take is great, I took an auto class one year and orchestra the next. I cannot say that this school lacks in providing options for students pursuing any career. The atmosphere of extra curricular activities, especially sports, is very spirited. The students always tend to show up and support our teams. Teachers and staff are also very helpful, they will always take the time to help you understand your materials. As a senior, I'm quite sad that my school career is getting cut short due to Covid-19 because I've had a fantastic run at Irondequoit High School.
The teachers and courses offered are good but the administrative staff, counselors, and career office was unhelpful and clueless. The food was okay and the bathrooms were fine.
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I like the classes they offer, the class sizes, and the way the school is structured/taught. I would like for them to make some sizes to the school lunch, and improve classroom materials like textbooks and supplies.
This school provides the opportunity for students to take many college classes that gives you the opportunity to go into college as a sophomore or even a junior. This school also has many sports, activities, and events that allow us as students to get involved and have fun with our peers.
Close community, friendly and great sports and atmosphere. I enjoyed playing varsity soccer, lacrosse, and hockey. I also enjoyed the schools commitment to business and it’s involvement with DECA. The school has one of the best Italian language programs around.
My experience at Irondequoit High School started off poorly. I was bullied and treated terribly by almost everyone around me, which went on my first two years of High School. I then began to find myself and my self worth. I made 4 great friends that have stuck with me since junior year and I couldn’t ask for anyone better. The administration was significantly getting better and made IHS a comfortable environment for me my senior year. This school could be a very comfortable and safe place, I learned that after I began keeping quiet and not caring about what others thought of me.
At Irondequoit High school in Rochester, New York, my experience from freshmen year all the way to my senior year was truly a very good time in my life. The classes that were provided for me as well as the electives available set me up for great success in college and in the work world. The teachers are knowledgeable and intelligent and are willing to help you become a honorable student.
These past four years at Irondequoit High School have been such a learning and growing experience for me. Whether it was a positive or negative, I was able to able to walk away with a new experience. As I reflect on the rest of my high school experiences, I can say each year got better for me with my academics and athletics. I was on honor roll, captain of my soccer team, and a leader in classes. I have encountered many great teachers that have made learning fun and my confidence level stronger!
In my time being at Irondequoit High School, I've enjoyed the great range of activities and electives offered. At Irondequoit one can try different possible fields of interest for their future, such as through the DECA and the BOCES programs. There also is a great number of clubs where everyone can get involved and meet new people they might've never met going through their regular classes. The staff, although strict, is understanding and very helpful with school work along with the personal things that goes on in ones life.
While the teachers are quite supportive of the students, and college readiness is definite, the school has no diversity. Some staff have prejudiced tendencies, specifically against the few african-american kids here. Many of the kids of color are urban-suburban students, which is a good program. As a poc student here, i’ve only had a few problems with staff and administration, but in this school, if you aren’t living in the district and you have darker skin, there’s less of a chance that they’ll listen to you. As a positive, there’s a variety of sports teams to join in this school, and the field house is very close. There are many Advanced Placement classes, plus a variety of electives to take. The art, business, and auto departments are well supported, but the music department has had so many budget cuts. The chorus room isn’t fit for the amount of students, as it used to be a storage closet! The school is mediocre, poor quality, but that’s just my personal experience.
High school was high school. It wasn’t fun but I got through it. If it wasn’t for the teachers, I would’ve never made it through high school. Need to be less stricter on the students. As a student, I felt like we were told what to do so much that kids started to rebel. Just sometimes let things go.
IHS is alright, the sports are good, lots of stuff to do besides going to class. Food is typical high school food.
Love the school!!! I transferred from Pittsford and by far Irondequoit high school is better then Mendon the students are nicer and the school is cleaner.
Irondequoit is able to provide an excellent education and allow their students to set themselves up for a successful future
I would like to see teachers and administrators pay more attention to bullying. It’s a problem in every school, but goes unpunished at IHS, specifically when the students are children of administrators or teachers.
When I attended, it was very welcoming. While its hard to avoid having any bullying, I didin't see it as a major problem at this school. I knew a lot of kids who got bullied for theater in other high schools but no one gave me any grief for being a male theater kid. There where a lot of different and diverse electives you can take at this school which is something I found impressive. There was a class for any interest which made it easy to try new things.
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I have enjoyed my experience at IHS very much, but I wish they would put more money into the music program and less into sports. The music teachers are all amazing, and most of the teachers in the school are great teachers. Also, the school should get smart boards, I think they would help the teachers a ton. The laptops and many computers in the school should be upgraded too.
I enjoyed my experience at Irondequoit High School because of the myriad of activities and courses that were offered. From different Advanced Placement Courses, to music and art programs, Irondequoit High School gives students a lot of activities to participate in. Although diversity was somewhat an issue, I see the school making strides to change this.
The teachers are great, as are the programs offered by the school. I would have liked to see better handling of controversies besides pretending they didn't happen.
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