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Irondale Senior High School Reviews

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I really enjoyed my experience at Irondale high school. The school culture was great. People took care of each other, and everyone wanted everyone to succeed. Of course it was a typical high school, but it also seemed more special than that. I'm very glad I was able to get a high school education at Irondale. I couldn't have asked for a better community to learn and grow up in.
I feel really connected to the teachers and students at Irondale. The faculty help out the students and really care about our well-being. It is a great environment, with outstanding art, music, academic, and athletic programs.
I really love the teachers at Irondale, they care about their students. I would like to see more in school opportunities for post secondary given to students.
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The school is amazing in diversity. Everyone is open arms to you and no one feels left out. The part where I find the struggle is preparing students for college. Yes there are college classes available, but I feel like they push college onto you without really sitting you down and making sure its the right route for you.
I liked how I was able to get help when I needed it. Things I think should change is the class options and some of the teachers I feel like need to learn how to teach better.
I have loved my time at Irondale High School. I started here my freshman year after going to a small private school. It was an easy transition because my dean was so understanding. The classes here are challenging and there are many course levels for everyone. I am going to graduate with most of my Associate's Degree finished without having done PSEO. The sports and extracurriculars here are excellent. I love the community here and have found my best friends.
Irondale to me had a positive influence on me mostly. I met lifelong friends here and learned so much. I learned not only academics but life lessons from here. I learned how to work hard and not everything will be giving to you. It is important to try your best. I believe my school has a pretty good understanding for mental health and the majority of my peers and teacher recognize this as well. I learned my mental health is extremely important from my experiences at Irondale and my school definitely has outlets for this as well. Something we could improve on are more unity in the school. We don’t necessarily have “cliches” but our friend groups can be a little tight knit. Overall though I’ve had a great experience at Irondale.
Irondale is a highschool that has made a lasting impression on me for life. I feel that as a current students attending Irondale, I have grown so much as a person and as a global citizen! Irondale is a very diverse school that has a plethora of learning opportunities for all people. Irondale has great student services, a great staff, and great facilities that are currently being updated. Irondale is a school that encourages students to be connected within their community and participate in all aspects of life. It is also great in the fact that it is very adaptable to change and present times. I love going to school and not only learning textbook material, but also current present day topics that apply to my life as well! I love Irondale!!
Irondale is a very good school full of diversity and teacher that care. The staff in general do everything they can to help student out. Best four years!
Irondale High School really prepared me for college. By having the opportunity to take college-level courses by being duel enrolled with Anoka Ramsey Community college, take AP courses, and take CLEP tests, I was able to complete a full associate's degree that transferred to Concordia University. I learned the study skills and habits that are necessary for college during my time at Irondale. I also enjoyed the many extracurricular activities that Irondale had to offer, including marching band, chamber orchestra, jazz band, and a variety of other clubs and sports. These groups helped me build leadership skills while also forming connections with other students. Overall, Irondale was a wonderful high school and I really enjoyed my time there.
Made great friends over the 4 years. Academics is challenging if you're focused. Reccommend AP classes, prepares you for college habits. Diverse group of kids, mostly good but can be rowdy
I loved the inclusivity and diversity that Irondale offers. There is always a resource, club, teacher, for anything that you need. I personally feel like the classes and rigorous courses that were offered to me were extremely helpful in preparing me for a post-secondary career. I plan to apply for college in a few months and I will definitely be reaching out to a few connections throughout my high school to help me throughout the process. My guidance counselor has played a large part in my high school career, also. She's been able to direct me on the right path to a future that I'll fit into and it's helped me mentally and physically. The relationships I've built while at Irondale are sure to last a lifetime, even once we all graduate. Thank you Irondale for everything that you have done for me and I will always be a Knight supporter!
I was involved in three sports and I loved the community that came with it. Also the teachers are very helpful and will try and stay after with you or come in early if you need help.
I like that this school has a lot of different academic opportunities like getting college credit while enrolled in high school. What I would like to see change is that people aren’t very friendly. I feel like it would be a better fit if everyone was friendly.
The teachers here care about your education if you do, which personally did me wonders because I learned how to work for what I wanted. The diversity of the school makes you feel apart of every activity.
it was very diverse and I always felt it was a welcoming environment. There was always a place for everyone and during my four years there I saw lots of people grow into their shoes and explore what they want.
I love this school. It really feels like a community because you know everybody you see in the halls, and the staff all are super friendly and try to get to know every student.
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Irondale is a good school. During my time at Irondale I had the opportunity to join a variety of clubs and games without any experience and I really like that about Irondale how they allow you to join and play for fun. I guess Irondale is a pretty average High School, but with a lot of college credit opportunity you are able to join a variety of AP classes and ARCC classes basically it is all about what you want and are able to do. All the staff at Irondale is there to support you.
I love how diverse Irondale is and how people treat each other. The teachers are amazing and they will do whatever is needed to help you succeed. The sports are not super great but that also means you can be on varsity. Our music departments are better than Mounds views and we also excel in art and drama.
Honestly was a very great way to spend my high school experience. It got interested into things that I'd never thin would interest me, and now I've fallen in love with almost every aspect they have to offer.
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