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Honestly was a very great way to spend my high school experience. It got interested into things that I'd never thin would interest me, and now I've fallen in love with almost every aspect they have to offer.
Irondale is a school with great culture and diversity and provides lots of AP and early college options, however not much is done to assist students in preparing for and applying to college.
Irondale is a very diverse environment, will still having great academics. This high school is really good for kids to get out of their shells and meet new people but also excell at school. Some spacing changes need to me made though.
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I loved Irondale because I was very involved and I appreciate that they offered many opportunities so I could do that. I was very involved in the theater department and I was the president of the national honor society. I loved every activity I participated in.
I felt that Irondale prepared me well for college and my ap classes and provided excellent early college opportunities. I made connections with many teachers and really felt that they were willing to help pursue my interests and make sure I felt comfortable in all my classes. Irondale had a wide variety of activities for students to participate in and had a very diverse student population. The school was becoming a bit crowded as enrollment rose but the school district chose to start a project to expand the school building in order to work with the growing student body. I had good high school experience at Irondale and would recommend the school.
The teachers are phenomenal. They are always willing to help if you are struggling, and always trying to prepare you for college. As long as you put in the work, there is nothing stopping you from succeeding!
Honestly an amazing school. Everyone is genuine and inviting to everyone. Compared to many schools I’ve heard of, it’s definitely one of the better schools around for preparing for college as well.
With friendly teachers, warm and friendly deans, and a comfortable atmosphere, Irondale Senior High school is an amazing place to be. Every teacher I met cared about their students, encouraging them to grow and succeed in ways many didn't think possible. They are willing to challenge when needed and advice whenever possible. But the most important part is that their staff; teachers, deans, office help, and wellness team alike, are the most caring and embracing group of people you will ever meet. I will always love and give back to that school as much as I can because of the incredible amount of integrity that they as a school uphold. Thank you, Irondale staff, for making the last 4 years of my life memorable and outstanding.
The school atmosphere and academics were great but college readiness and equal opportunities were not as good as I had hoped going into high school.
Sports at Irondale can vary from the drumline to the track team. Many students at Irondale are active and involved in sports but it has been a struggle by, not winning many games. Irondale High School was never known for football, but known for its marching band team. Who has been to State every year.
The teachers at Irondale High School will always be one of the students support systems. Teachers always seem like they are down to business but in reality, they care about their students as a person. They connect with their students and reach out to them when they notice a change in their behavior.
At Irondale High School it’s not difficult to notice the struggles outside of school. For example, my father has been struggling with depression and during my final year, he had over 10 suicide attempts. My teachers would take time in their day to talk. They didn’t force me to stay in class, I was aloud to leave as needed to talk to someone about what's going on.
Spent 4 years here, great teachers and staff that are very interested in the lifes and success of all student in and out of the class room. Their early college program and encouragement to take college and AP courses really helped me get prepared for college courses and relationships with my teachers and coaches are still kept in tact. Overall loved my experience at irondale.
Has plenty of college-level and college classes that prepare students and gives them an opportunity to receive college credit.
The food sucks but all the adults are respectful and caring. Some very great teachers. Lacks diversity. Also the school itself is ugly and needs an upgrade
Right now, the school is over capacity, so the facilities are overused. However, the administration really puts forth a lot of college resources. Most notably, the Early College program , which allows students in high school to take courses through a local community college. This has been very beneficial becasue it allows students who don't take higher courses an opportunity to earn college credit.
I think that Irondale has really opened up opportunities for me and has given me the place to grow.All Of the teachers that I have had have all pushed me to be the best that I could be and would support me even with my sports and extracurricular activities.
I went to Irondale for all of my four years of high school, and I am so happy I did. There are many opportunities for involvement. Whether it be sports or music, Irondale has it all. I am currently attending the U of M, and I was able to come into the U with 40 credits. Irondale was a huge support by providing and suggesting many AP classes. I am also grateful for the great diversity at Irondale. Overall I would highly suggest this school!
Diverse, great teachers and great fine arts programs. Students are friendly, great facility. Administation is good and parents are very involved.
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Having the concurrent college courses with ARCC on site has been a great opportunity. The school offers a lot of college courses amongst the different courses offered that interest the students. I feel they really want to prepare the students for further education beyond a high school diploma.
I love Irondale High School! It has many college opportunities. You get a great high school education with a smaller school feel. I open enrolled into the district as a freshman and it was the best choice I have ever made. The school isn't amazing in sports, but with all of the educational opportunities it doesn't matter.
I transferred to Irondale my junior year, and the transition wasn’t as easy as I thought because it was a big change compared to the small charter school I had attended previously. Although the beginning wasn’t as smooth as it could’ve been I used athletics to get more adapted to the atmosphere of the school. The teachers that I’ve had so far have been very supportive and want to see me succeed. Even though the beginning was a little rocky it was an overall a good experience.
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