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I transferred to Iron Mountain High School my junior year. I was automatically accepted by my peers and the principal made the admission process a breeze. The teachers are so wonderful at what they do and really do their best at making everyone feel included. I have to say that Iron Mountain is the first school that I have felt excited to go into each morning and safe, which is my number one priority as a teenager.
Iron Mountain High School is a great place to be a high school student. We have experienced teachers and small class sizes so you get individual attention. We have band, pep band, marching band, jazz band, chorus, art, all levels of math, science, history, English, dual enrollment with Bay College, and two hour block classes at the area vocational/tech center including auto body, welding, graphic communications, and health occupations. We have sports including football, volleyball, soccer, golf, basketball,track, wrestling, tennis, bowling, and softball. There are opportunities for competition in academics with a Quiz Bowl team and robotics. Our small student body size results in what we call the “Mountaineer family”. Past graduates include NFL network analyst Steve Mariucci, MSU basketball coach Tom Izzo, Wendy’s restaurant CEO Todd Penegore, and Chicago stock exchange CFO Tim Metzler, to name a few. Iron Mountain schools are truly the place to succeed!
I came to this school my junior year and could not have been happier. I have made many friends, and the staff is very friendly. I have found myself being more successful at this school compared to my previous.
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I am so thankful for being raised, educated, and loved by the staff of Iron Mountain High School. Forever a Mountaineer.
This school has been a wonderful experience for my children.
They are well prepared for the future.
The local scholarship money is of great help in furthering their college education.

I wouldn't consider any other school for them.
I have been in the Iron Mountain school district since Kindergarten. My experience was pretty good compared to some schools. Most of the teachers actually care about their students and will go above and beyond to help them learn. Great clubs and sports teams here too. Most people find a group they fit into pretty easily here.
IMHS has provided an excellent education to my children.
IMHS has provided an excellent education to my children.
Iron Mountain after school programs and athletics are great. My children really enjoy them.
Iron Mountain is a small school with very tight classes. The students get to know all of their classmates and the school spirit is unequaled in the area.
The teachers at the school are very dedicated and very qualified. They have done an excellent job of teaching my children in the subject they have taken. My younger child needed extra help and he got all that he needed. I think the teachers at IMHS are the best in the area. Other schools have hired some away and tried to hire others. This to me means we have high quality teachers when other schools try to hire them away.
There is obvious favoritism for the students that participate it athletics. Our school is all about athletics, and not very involved in the arts. Some parents, the ones with money, seem to run the school, and have many connections with all the school staff. There also is barely a variety of classes to take. If I could go back, I would reconsider going to Iron Mountain High School.
Many teachers at our school are teaching subjects that they aren't even qualified to teach. There is a lot of obvious favoritism among the students that the teachers show. Grading is not consistent, and the teachers could definitely try harder when it comes to going above and beyond for their students.
My time at Iron Mountain schools had been great. I feel all staff is willing to help when ever you need it. The school has recently has had trouble but they will get through it. Iron Mountain has pushed me to become the well rounded individual person I have become.
Some teachers are only there for a pay check
There's a variety of school clubs available for everyone. There's a ton of sports available for everyone too

I do not eat the school lunch but I have heard students complain about it.
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Many of the classes challenge you academically and the scheduling is adequate. The workload is decent and there is help for special study options if needed. Some teachers hardly teach the classes though and the students end up taking over the hour.
Many students here judge you for everything. Whether you can't afford the right clothes, are gay or lesbian, students here have a hard time accepting that. They don't judge you by race or ethnic groups though. Many of the students associated in drugs and alcohol pressure you a lot to try what they have to offer. Sometimes that can be scary if they don't leave you alone.
The entire school administration is extremely helpful and make sure you are comfortable in the school. However, their dress code is a little strict. Not everyone has or can afford the proper clothing, not saying you can come to school in a bikini and a tank top.
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