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Irmo has a great variety of IB and Ap classes, all the way to your regular classes. It is known to be a school for the arts; which this offers a lot of opportunists to kids who want to go into a artistic field.
Irmo High School is an amazing place to be! Irmo welcomes diverse arts and academic programs and gives it's students the chance to take charge of opportunities that aren't present in other schools. Irmo gives its students the chance to become leaders in an environment where the idea of normal is challenged daily. Take it from me. It's my senior year at Irmo, and over the past three and a half years, I've successfully created and ran a haunted event twice, taught and performed multiple routines for the dance team, participated in over five school clubs each year, and pushed myself to endure rigorous IB academic courses. Irmo has teachers that are determined to get their students on the right path, talented students that are persistent, and administrators willing to devote their time to the needs of students. I can't say everyone's experience with Irmo has been or will ever be great, but my I can say that my experience has been one to remember and has had a positive effect on my life.
I like the diversity of the school. We have students from all ethnicity. I don't like the violence or the bulling. Hard to see such violence and bulling from other students. We shouldn't have to be scared to go to school just to get an education.
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I'm a new student this year at Irmo, I like how they offer different classes with multiple aspects and learning details. Upon arriving here, I already had all my High School credits, which means I had a opportunity to explore more electives, I do not like how they just shove you into classes that don't interest you the most. However, overall the school is pretty typical.
Irmo is one of those schools where it’s cool at first but eventually you realize most the people there are trying to be people they’re not. It is really annoying that’s the worst thing about the school.
At my high school there are no walls around race. The comradery of the school is what I most cherish.Our school is very very diverse, our school has a lot of international students because we are an International Academic Magnet school. At Irmo there's no major high school clique, you have the star football players hanging out and talking to a "nobody". Our administration emphasize the importance of supporting everyone and that's what happens here. Also, the love that the teachers show for the kids is evident. If there was one thing I would like to change would be the reputation of Irmo. To be blunt, our school is 65% African American, and the surrounding schools in our district are majority white. So people around us think that we are bad because we are "black". The thought of people believing that and telling people that sickens me. So, if their was one thing I would fix is the reputation of MY school, because if you ask me its the best high school a person could go to.
Being in the IB program at Irmo was a great experience. Great teachers and good group of students in the program.
I like that there is good teachers willing to help you learn. I would like there to be more events. I also like how there are a lot of diversity in the school.
There are many opportunities to choose from at Irmo. However, not all classes you will be able to get into, they are very selective on who goes where and your career paths. Guidance counselors and administrative are very slack and do not make students especially the ones in special situations a priority.
My experience at Irmo High School was a positive one. I was involved in several activities while there including JV and Varsity Football, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, and Project Lead the Way in Engineering. I was able to take classes at the Center for Advanced Technical Studies and was involved in the Engineering Track while there. Irmo High School was great fo me!
I loved being at Irmo even if there was some bumps on the road, I loved playing there and they help with me to get to college and I know that it will help my brother and sister also get to college.
Very diverse school,pretty good teachers, and challenging curriculum. Safety could be better since the campus is open and can be easily accessed.
My experience at Irmo High was great, I've met many lifelong friends and establishes connection with teachers and staff. Irmo a great place to receive a high quality education along with gaining skills and improving work ethic that will prepare you for college.
It's a GREAT high school all teachers want and expect the best out of you. I´ve been here for my 4 years of high school and it was absolutely the BEST! I highly recommend this school to anyone who lives in the Irmo area
What i liked about irmo high school is that the teachers and staff here truly care about you and do everything they can to help you move forward and prepare you for life after high school
I've really enjoyed being at this school, and I feel like I learn a lot here. Most of the teachers are enjoyable, and the students are okay. You need to make sure to find the students, and teachers you get along with, and stay with them. People in high school switch up really quick, and you need to find a stable group of friends, and adults at the school.
All in all Irmo is a great school. It helped prepare me well for college. The diverse student population prepared me for “real” life and working with a variety of cultures.
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Irmo High School is very diverse, but if there would be one thing I would change it would be some of the staff.
Irmo High School is a great school if you make it a great school. The are plenty of ways to get involved and the teacher will generally go out of their way to help you if you are nice. Overall, all the materials needed to succeed and more are there, but its you to the student if they actually use them or not.
The school is an ok place. The courses or at least the higher level, (Honors, Ap etc) are good and the teachers mostly are average to excellent. There is a large amount of different people. The campus is a bit out of condition in the older buildings, but its mostly clean. The administration of the school leaves something to be desired and the food is not good.
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