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Irma Rangel Young Women's Leadership Middle School Reviews

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I like the way the single gender setting has given me immense confidence in myself. I love the sisterhood that has been Created. However, I feel like girls miss out on a "normal" high school experience. I really wish I had gone to a different school and got to go to the football games and played sports.
In regards to academics, Rangel is one of the best. The teachers we have had are pretty amazing, but a lot of the teachers are being promoted to take jobs in the district level, so most of those amazing teachers have left. For the teachers who have replaced them, I am not too sure how they are since I haven't had them, nonetheless most of the teachers at Rangel are amazing teachers who clearly want the best for their students. A lot of our classes are very challenging, we have taken pre-ap classes since the 6th grade and have grown from that to AP classes or dual-credit.
I like to think that the students and teachers at my school feel very safe, everyone is very accepting and supportive of one another so there is never really anything bad or unhealthy that goes on at school. We do our fire, tornado, etc.drills every so often. Rangel only has one security officer for the whole school, and we used metal detector one year a few years ago but we stopped using it because there was no need for it. I've always felt save at my school and have always felt like if I ever needed to talk to someone I could go to any of the staff at school.
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There are variety of clubs at our school, especially when compared to the student body of our school. The amount of clubs and organization in our school has sky-rocketed since the day I started to attend Rangel. There are many clubs that range from academics, such as academic decathlon and robotics; politics, such as Mock trial and IGNITE; community involvement, such as LULAC and Geo Club; athletics, such as lacrosse and volleyball; and many other clubs, such as Rainbow Rangers (Gay-Straight Alliance), drum line, and choir. Overall, the school has done very well in trying to provide new clubs and activities for the students to participate in. They always like to tell us if you want to do something and start a club, go ahead and we will see how we can help you.
My overall experience at Rangel has been really great, I wouldn't want to choose any other school to go to. Rangel has really opened my eyes to things I would have never been able to see if I went to any old regular school. The whole school feels like one huge family, very supportive of one another and invested in each student's future. I really feel comfortable at my school and am very proud to wear our plaid skirt and say that I am from Rangel!
The teachers genuinely care about their students and always try to go above and beyond to help us succeed not only in class but in the real world too. Not only do our teachers teach in class but they always try to get us, the students, involved in outside activities and with what is going on in the real world.
The extracurricular opportunities at this school are mostly academic, however the reason is because the state says magnet school can't have sports because they want the students at magnet schools to engage in sports at their home school. On the other hand, some magnet schools like Irma Rangel still incorporate sports in their school because they acknowledge that some student take the bus, and don't have time to travel back to their home school and make it on time for practice or games.
I love the fact that I am an alumni at this school, because each semester there is a new success story that comes out about this school. The teachers are sincere in teaching their kids and guiding them to success. Although it is a public school, the student are given laptops in order to incorporate science and technology into their studies. The college bound advisor has successfully had every student graduate high school and continue college. The college bound advisor also communicates a great deal with the parents of the students to inform them of the college experience including FAFSA. the graduation rate of this high school is 100% The overall school is exemplary and I have formed a sisterhood with my graduating class.
Most of the teachers were so enthusiastic in teaching their students. I have only had one teacher that was not an ideal teacher but every single teacher at this school has the credentials and are sincere in helping their students succeed. Our class was small so the teachers had a great opportunity to be one on one with each student which made students feel appreciated, as well as extra help if needed. I encourage every female student to apply at this school because it is a great experience.
at the beginning I hated it now I love it
Minority of students and good peer acceptance
Need more competitive clubs and more math and science clubs
STAAR test scores. do really good in math and science in fourth and fifth grade
Lots of AP courses and dual credit opportunities.
Most every teacher sees their students as their own and would do everything in their power to see them succeed.
Focus on academics mainly. Lacrosse is offered and has seen tremendous growth since its beginning 9 years ago. The team has made it to the playoffs the past two years under the coaching of 2011 graduate, Diney Hobgoood.
While there are unavoidable cliques and groups of friends that naturally occur, the culture of Irma Rangel I supportive and there are few cases of bullying, etc.
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Due to the fact that students are able to start their own clubs and organizations, with the proper foundation, there tends to be an organization that suits everyone.
Socially , the school is what you make it. With Rangel being an all girls school, there will be drama, but it's up to the student to make out of it what they want to get.
Irma Rangel is a public school, meaning there is no cost to attend. The most expensive factor within the school is the uniforms, and there are sales held by the PTA to sale them at a cheaper price.
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