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I am now a current Alumni and currently in enrolled in a four year university. I can proudly say that the education that I received from Rangel was great. The education of leadership and women in empowerment in a STEM field is what inspired me to be what I am today, a future woman in Computer Science.
I have attended this school since sixth grade and I am currently a sophomore. This school has opened up many doors for me. I have created some amazing lifelong friendships because of this school. However, this school is very stressful and overwhelming. We get more than 5 times the amount of work a regular public school would get. Also, we are not treated very well as students. There isn't very many opportunities to stand out and show your individuality here considering we are required to wear a very strict uniform. Another bad thing is the sports. We have no sports teams that actually represent our school. We have lacrosse, but it is an outside program that allows kids from our school to participate. Overall, the school is pretty average.
Overall, it is a very close community. We all have the same goal so this promotes college readiness. The small class sizes means we have a strong sisterhood. The workload is very intensive, so time management skills are a must. I find myself wishing it was less, but in longterm I know it will help me be successful in a college environment.
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My experience here has been one of mostly positive feats. Some teachers have been utterly helpful but others have not been as warm, but I have been provided resources to succeed and opportunities I could get nowhere else.
This is still my second year at Irma Rangel so I feel like I shouldn't be judging too early but from what I can see, Irma Rangel is a great school. It has a friendly environment, very competitive in academics , and try to prepare us for college as much as they can. It also have lots of clubs and activities like the Decathlon, Book Club, Lacrosse, and many other thing. But of course there are always room for improvement, like the sports part, there is Lacrosse, but that's it, none of the other sports are really working out right now. And then the food, for me I don't really like the food they are giving us, some time both the breakfast and launch but mostly lunch, because of that, I will always starve myself. But overall, I will say it is a great school.
Rangel is a very small school about 500 girls give or take a few, walk the middle school AND high school halls. As a result of this, a tight-knit community is created with your fellow sisters and the memories that are made from this point forward are priceless. We have the only full-time CollegeBound Advisor in DISD and honestly she is the schools greatest asset; Without her many girls would not have the courage to make it to college/ university.
I would say one factor I would like to see change is the regular high school experience such as the amount of sports and electives offered.
I attended this school from 7th grade until graduation. There I saw the school in it's prime and was effected in it's downfall. After the departure of our founding principal, it seemed that everything went downhill. Teachers left in the middle of the year with no replacement, along with the school district as well as administration stopped caring about our success/experience. There were years where we were left in limbo without teachers and a principal. I love the school and the level of commitment that the veteran teachers had for us. We as students were extremely close and had alot of help while applying for college.
I have been at Rangel since the 6th grade and I am currently a junior. I love my school because I have bonded with many of the girls there and I consider th as my sisters. Even though I have had some bad experiences, the good outweighs the bad, and the amount of opportunities I have are unimaginable.
Rangel has provided a sisterhood for me to be immersed in and come to everyday to feel loved and appreciated. Through all the difficult times life has thrown at me, Rangel has been there to be a stable force. There is excellent curriculum and an abundance of opportunities related to school and outside of school. All of the teachers genuinely care about the students and their success. However, Rangel is very small and very strict. There is a lot of emphasis on creativity, but there are so many hoops to jump through that make many of the creative en devours never occur.
I enjoy the environment of Irma Rangel YWLS. There is a close connection between teachers and students and students with other students. One can truly feel the strong bond. It feels safe and welcoming.
Growing in an environment of all young women was an accommodation to myself. This school has opened many doors for me, from being in LULAC, Handbells, running club and lacrosse. I've had the opportunity to travel to Boston and visit 4 colleges. I have also volunteered in various places where I have met great connections to other volunteer services. My school enhances the true meaning of college readiness, with the help of all the administration and college bound advisor. Coming to Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women's Leadership School was the best thing I did for myself.
Rangel YWLS is not just special for being the first public all-girls school in the state of Texas. This is an amazing school that encourages young women to pursue their dreams by providing amazing experiences. I have seen my fellow sisters thrive in this school, and become amazing leaders that I find myself looking up to. The opportunities they offer are things I would have never imagined could even be possible for a middle or high school student such as myself. Internships, volunteer opportunities, and leadership positions are always abundant at Rangel. I have attended this school since the sixth grade (I am now a proud senior), and I have seen it change in all sorts of ways, but all for the better. All I wish is that Rangel be given a larer building, because middle school to high school students are expected to be taught in a facility designed for elementary school students.
I have gone to Irma Rangel for nearly seven years now and have experienced the ups and downs. The classes are challenging and the teachers are determined to see their students succeed by offering their guidance and tutoring if we have questions over a topic. Rangel offers a wide range of clubs and activities, such as LULAC, Running Club, Geo Club, and a new Health club. However, the number of sports are limited to Lacrosse, Softball, and Volleyball, because the school is a magnet.
Rangel was the first public all-girls school in the state of Texas. It is a very small school. A little over 500 girls in 6th through 12th grade. We may be small, but we are mighty. Every single girl that graduates from this school has a passion for something and a thirst to make the world a better place. We are the future leaders this world will get and we are proud of that. Rangel has one of the best graduation rates in the state of Texas: 100% of girls graduate and 100% attend college. That's not even the best part about the school. Rangel has a very friendly environment. Everybody knows each other and everybody has each other's back. Even when we fight, at the end of the day we know that we are sisters. That we must support each other in order to get ahead. We are our sister’s keeper. There is no student body out there with stronger bonds than Rangel's.
Irma Lerma Rangel is excellent at preparing young women for the future and helps them become independent, as well as develop leadership skills throughout the time they are in schools. The whole school is college bound, so college is something that is taken seriously at school. Apart from this, I do wish to see the girls have a bigger building, more teachers and more classrooms will open the doors to being exposed to other class options.
I think that the students who are attending and who have attended this school become wonderful young people who set out to make real changes in this world. However, sometimes these students are trapped within certain restrictions from a district that does not provide enough and from traditional values that they choose to oversee. I simply wish for more freedom for these students, and a new building so that they are not late to class everyday.
It's an experience to never be forgotten. So far, these past three years have been so memorable to me that I am actually sad that I have to leave it behind.
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I would say Irma Rangel is like an average school the teachers are not very good not very bad there normal average teachers from a school that wouldn't really be interested in your problems or concerns the new Administration isn't doing very well the uniform policy is ridiculous by wanting to have socks a certain height and your skirts too the facility is way too small it is not always very clean there have been found insects through the high school and middle school the AC is always on when it is freezing outside and the heater is always on when it is burning hot outside and they don't allow you to wear another sweater on top of your normal sweater even if you're freezing the counselors are not much help about it they don't care about what's going on with you they showed no interest as well as the teachers, the teachers are always complaining about their conflicts with other teachers. This school has turned into a normal average school nothing too different.
My middle school years at Irma Rangel are unforgettable. I am currently a senior at a different school, yet I remember everything such as my first day in 6th grade. I become nostalgic at times because this school gave me memories I will never forget.
The school has a very friendly environment. Every student strives to be successful and to help their fellow classmates be successful too. There is a strong influence that every child must go to college.
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