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Irma Lerma Rangel YWLS is an excellent school for young women who have dreams to achieve the impossible. It's a school that drives their students to not just think out of the box, but to be original to who they are. I have learned so much from the staff and teachers, and I have been humbled in my experiences of creating lifelong friends and being a person that will only grow. I recommend anybody and everybody who has a daughter to put their child in this school. It is diverse and open-minded, and you will be taught things that can only push you to the limits that you hold, not the people around you
I loved the community at Irma Rangel, where it was easy to make friends for a lifetime. Our college-bound advisor was amazing and really did help us get ready for college as well as shared with us different scholarship and school opportunities.
I really enjoyed how there were teachers and faculty that actually cared about the students and helped them grow when I attended. In addition, Rangel was great when it came to all the processes that needed to be done when applying to college.
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Overall, I had an extremely enriching experience as a Rangel student. Being there from grade 6 to grade 10, I got to see how much the school has grown. Academically speaking, Rangel is an extremely strong school, full of motivated, talented young women. However, we do lack in the athletic department sadly, and the art departments don't usually get the recognition they deserve.
Attending Irma Rangel has taught me to be independent and gain confidence in myself from the different classes and organizations that I've taken part of. Not only are academics at a very good level in this school but so is community, being here has given me the opportunity to grow and mature along with my fellow classmates. Coming from a graduating class of only 57 seniors, our relationship and bond with each other has given me the sense of like a second family to me along with teachers and staff too. Administration has greatly encouraged unity and looking after our fellow "sister" which is one of the reasons why I love this school. However a change that I would like to see is the school having more than one sport being available for students and more resources that can reduce stress and help with mental health - not only for students but for teachers as well.
I enjoy the community that Irma Rangel provides. It is a very small school that allows for close relationships with teachers and students. Everyone knows everyone and we all work hard and try our best to uplift each other. Every now and then the competitiveness can be overwhelming, but it creates strong and driven individuals. Our school forms socially aware, politically involved, and driven citizens.
I've been attending the school since I was in sixth grade and although it is a small school there is a lot of school spirit, they try to have many events that students and their families can enjoy while raising money to fund each class. Since it is a small class, you see many familiar faces everywhere you go which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. The teachers are very invested in our futures and really do care about our well-being. The workload can be too much at times, but teachers try to work with you to figure out how to help you.
This school has really improved my leadership skills. This is a leadership academy that focuses on the academic growth of young girls that want to exceed their academic goals. It focuses and pushes young women to not just graduate high school and go to college, but attend a good exemplary college that will put to work the knowledge we have acquired in this school. It's not if you go to college, it's where you go to college. We put to work our leadership skills every day. It teaches us to believe in the future of our dreams, that hard work and resilience are the pathways to success, that we are our sister's keeper, and to believe that we are leaders and can make a difference in our community and the world. We are girls today, women tomorrow, and leaders forever.
This school has taught me a lot about sisterhood, acceptance, and loving your peers. Before coming here, I felt lost and I always thought I would be lonely forever. I'm glad that has now changed and I have formed some beautiful friendships. I feel as though it is adequately preparing me for college. My sister graduated last year and she says that college is actually easier than rangel, and honestly I don't doubt it. This school is challenging but its rewarding. We have amazing teachers and administrators. Really the only complaint about this school is that it's almost too safe.
I got to experience both the middle school and high school experience at Rangel, and I can assure that they were different. Highschool at Rangel could be pretty smooth sailing at times, and very stressful at other times. It wasn't the worst, but it wasn't the best. Some teachers are very supportive though so that's a plus. I just wish we could have had the opportunity actually be as free as other highschool students in other schools. We're really restricted, for no actual good reason.
The motto of our school is, “it’s not if you go to college, it’s where you go to college.” Because of that, I believe that Irma Rangel greatly prepared me for life outside of high school. All of our classes were rigorous and were ensuring that we received a high quality education that challenged us. Not only that, but it’s a very well-rounded school. Our academics were advanced but we also learned how to network, speak up for ourselves, and involved ourselves with organizations outside of school such as LULAC, Teen Court, etc. It’s a small school so we also got a lot of one-on-one time with staff, which was helpful with building relationships. As a whole, Irma Rangel is very helpful in not only building up a resume, but building myself as a person and finding my passions and strengths.
Because it's such a small school there aren't very many options for classes or focuses. I wish I had gone to another school for more freedom. There aren't a lot of school events, which means students don't get the traditional high school experience. Rangel is pretty boring. There's also a lot of pressure to start a club or win an award, and if you don't volunteer, you feel bad. The environment is very competitive, with most students in the 90-100 gpa range. The teachers really care about the students and the content. There's a forced culture of sisterhood, but if you go in after 6th grade like me, you'll never be fully accepted. There are no sports, and very little diversity. However, Rangel really prepares students for college. Consequently, if you don't attend a prestigious school, you're looked down upon. If you join the military you will be negatively talked about for years. Rangel is advertised as a STEM school, but there aren't any special classes other schools don't have.
I went to school at Irma Rangel from 7th grade until I graduated high school, I loved my experience here! When I started middle school I was very shy and hesitate to ask questions or raise my hand. Once I got to high school I was a true leader and I owe it all to my experiences at Irma Rangel.
I liked the size of the school. It was small enough for everyone to know everyone and it was easy to makes friends quickly. I am introverted, but Rangel helped me to break my shell little by little. Each year I was there I spoke more and more than I had in my middle school. It's thanks to Rangel that I was able to meet my close friends and help me speak up a little bit more.
Overall, I have enjoyed my time at Irma Rangel. The academics are excellent and upon graduation you are prepared for college.
Great teachers that truly appreciate and challenge the students to be their best versions of themselves
I like Irma Rangel. It is a small school, allowing for individual connection and nurturing with all the teachers and student. It is a very academic-driven school and can be very competitive. Everyone, including the teachers, drive students to do their best constantly. Rangel isn't as diverse as most would believe (Latino majority) but the culture is for the most part postitive and liberal. Teachers are supportive and everyone is expected to strive for a higher education, which almost 100% students eventually recieve. Overall, Rangel is great and a young woman couldn't go wrong with going to this school.
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Overall, Irma Rangel is a great institution for girls who are seeking to major in the STEM field. The school offers advanced, challenging courses and alleviates financial stress by providing free classes that prepare students for tests, such as the ACT and SAT. It is a friendly environment where the student-teacher relationship is positive, creating a comfortable and safe environment for students to learn in. The institution promotes leadership by further guidance in communication skills and resume building. Through this many students, including myself, have participated in internships and study-abroad programs. Despite its remarkable focus on academics, Irma Rangel YWLS could better by offering a wider variety of extra curricular activities. This can be done by offering more sport options and putting more emphasis on the arts.
I like that there is a connection among the students and staff. The students build string bonds like a sisterhood.
Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women's Leadership School is a great all-girls school which encourages and prepares women for future careers in male-dominated fields.
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