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As in other Texas high schools, football is the most important thing in the fall. Band is a close second, because of the winning streak. In the winter, basketball is important. Academics is not that highly cared for. The principal says it's the most important thing; however, if a student is struggling, or a teacher is bad, there isn't enough support. ICHS doesn't really have cliques, just slightly divided between grades. There are absolutely no clubs besides Beta. The diversity is a joke. There are students who wanted to dress up as the KKK, and did not realize why that was offensive. There is no college prep, nor is there any help from the counselor. Safety is good, being from a small town.
It is a small school in a small town. There are small class sizes with lots of hands on learning. Every student knows each other and every teacher. The teachers and parents support every athletic and extracurricular event.
The school overall is very good. The administration is great, with one exception. The principal is a joke. The student body is so well behaved, he has to start making new policies to get people in trouble. The school allows ripped jeans, the next year they don't. Water is allowed in the building, the next year it merits lunch detention. The principal spends more time roaming the halls trying to catch students doing something wrong than he does in his office.
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In recent years the importance of a sport has been more equally distributed, but an emphasis is still on football, basketball and track.
All teachers currently employed are of excellent quality. Teachers in the past that have been issues are no longer employed.
The extracurricular activities that are available are great, well funded, supported, involved. However they are severely limited. The size of the school limits the number of activities, but some organizations are second-rate for no discernible reason. The best example of this would be the local chapter of the National Beta Club. Beta Club is the only honors organization offered to students, which unnecessarily punishes students who are eligible for organizations such as the National Honors Society.
The workload at ICISD is very adequate.
There are few clubs but, sports are heavily impacted.
Teachers at ICISD are hardworking and caring.
The menu is limited, but the facilities are clean.
Growing up here is great, you'll feel like family.
ICISD is very safe, everything is top of the line.
There is support for all sports teams. We had few clubs or organizations. National Honor Society was the only academic club. It was mainly focused on athletics.
There were a lot of cliques. However, most people could be friendly. There was bullying and some race division but not so much that it escalated into violence.
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