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Irene-Wakonda High School Reviews

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There are some ups and downs about this school. What makes this school so unique is that in each class everyone is close to one another. I would choose this school again simply because it is a smaller school with great teachers.
The academics are great at Irene-Wakonda High School. Almost everybody knows what they are doing and those who don't get extra help from teachers and staff.
Everybody also turns the federal lunch programs down for helping students eat healthier. The school lunches are actually pretty good, in my opinion. They offer great balance and satisfication
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Whether you like music, sports, or student council, you will find something for everyone. Even though we may not have the most clubs or organizations, we still have options that everybody can enjoy.
The busing system at Irene-Wakonda is very reliable. The drivers are always very friendly and reliable. They can always get the bus rides done in excellent time.
The classes here were very easy and I didn't feel well prepared for college at all. I quickly learned how to survive in college, but it took a lot of breaking old habits in order to make new ones.
There are a lot of students in this school that use alcohol/drugs/tobacco. The administration is good at punishing those who take part in use of illicit substances. They could use some more intel as to who is using the substances so they could catch them faster.
The teachers and staff at Irene-Wakonda High School are very good at their jobs. No matter if a student is excelling in the class or failing, they will offer help at all times of the day, whether they are in the school building or at home.
Our school has a sparse variety of athletics. We have the typical sports that just about every school has. Football, boy's and girl's basketball teams, volleyball, golf, cross country, and track and field are the only athletics that Irene- Wakonda has to offer.
The problem really is that the school is so small that we don't have much room for more clubs or enough funding for certain things. Everyone who is in a club or after school activity is seriously involved and they love what they do. Not only do the students get very actively engaged, the teachers/advisers do as well and it really helps with how well we do something and how much we enjoy it. Sports at our school are very important to a lot of people. I was in Track and everyone is very competitive but they are very fun about it and it really helps, especially at a competition. But, the school also spends more money for its sports than it does music. I really wish there was an art class. That would've been a great addition for a lot of students, especially myself, who enjoy art.
I had a great time at this school with all of my classmates. We were all friends, some more so than others, but that happens with any class. We always had fun with each other during prom, getting ready, preparing our float for the homecoming parade, track meets together, going out on the town and dining out. It was a blast. Our teachers had so many stories and jokes to tell us, even though sometimes they repeated them, we still appreciated them sharing with us their stories and making us enjoy the day better by making us laugh and give a smile on our face.
All of the teachers were well versed in what they were teaching. Teaching styles varied a little but it was interesting to see their different styles and they were easy to accommodate. Some of the teachers were in their thirties and were young enough to know how to speak with teenagers and that's a great skill because we could understand them and they could understand the students. Grading at my school is a little more strict at this school. Its harder to stay in the A grade range and teachers were pretty true in their systems on how they graded student's work.
Every single teacher is great on helping students one on one and love getting involved with projects. Since our school was so small all of our teachers became our friends as well and we had a lot of fun together in the classroom while learning. Our guidance counselor was wonderful with getting as many people as she could to enroll in college and to apply for scholarships and grants and really helped us step by step with each issue. She really pushed trying to take college classes our senior year to help us save some money and that helped a lot of students.
We have general classes, and there are many different extra classes you can choose. The homework can be intense sometimes, but it isn't constantly.
I feel that our school is safe, but I don't always feel safe because our doors aren't locked, and we do have some scary students that hate many people and could come to school someday and hurt us.
Usually the food is decent, but sometimes it can get a little frightening with overcooked food. Many people leave lunch hungry though because the portions are tiny.
Most of our students are athletes in at least one sport. We have a great staff of coaches, and our students really put in all the effort they can.
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There are cliques at our school, but everyone does intermix because of how small our school is. Our classes are like little families. There is peer pressure, but our students have also been taught how to handle it.
Irene-Wakonda has many fun and interesting clubs. We have normal sports like football, basketball, volleyball, and track, but we also have oral interp, one-act play, all-school play, choir, band, and having this many things to choose from makes high school a very fun experience.
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