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Iredell-Statesville Visual & Performing Arts Center Reviews

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Crossroads (Formerly VPAC) is a diverse school where you can encounter many different types of people. Crossroads offers a lot of flexibility such as the VIP pass offered to (now) juniors and the freedom to choose classes and attend Mitchell Community College
I feel fortunate to have been accepted into Crossroads Arts and Science Early College where I will earn both a high school diploma and college credits at the same time. Our school is smaller allowing each student to get more connected to the student body and staff. The association with Statesville High School and Mitchell Community College allows us to be a part of both student bodies through their clubs, sports and arts classes. Our school is a great place to come for ambitious and hard working students.
Was an okay school. I never felt prepared and I did most of my graduation stuff myself. Ended highschool feeling like I did as a freshman, or maybe a bit worse. I wish I wouldn't have went here, but at least I got an associates degree.
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I've been in this program since freshman year. I loved every year, this school is a little challenging but it's a great school. The school will prepare you for college since it is a early college. I always recommend this to middle school students.
I was at this school for 4 years, 10th- 13th grade, with my last year being my super senior year. (Early college's have 5 years rather than 4 years). The school is overall very good and I love the teachers, however, they just seemed to need some help in organizing students with their college schedules and books.
For the most part, all of the high school teachers when I was there were really nice, fun, cool and overall cared about the students. They offered extra sessions for those students that needed help, stayed after class and or after school if needed to do so.
I would say I have had a great overall experience here. It seems like every administrator I've spoke to has done their best to help me get what I need in order for me to reach my goals. They care about what I want from my college experience and are very attentive when we need any help. If I could do it all again, I don't know if I would choose this school again. Not because it was bad, but because the second time around I would want something different and new. I had a hard time deciding on a university to attend, and often times I still question if I'm in the right place. But in my time here I realized, it's not about getting into your dream school (the out-of-state, private, and ridiculously expensive), it's about making what you can with what you've got. It's not about your location, but pushing yourself in whatever the circumstance may be to make it work. And that is something I did not learn in class.
The teaching I have received in my past two years at East Carolina University as been great for the most part. Even teachers I didn't care for their teaching style, I was still able to grow in some way. I have only had one bad experience where I can honestly say I did not get anything from the course, but overall it has been very good. All of my teachers are very interactive and actually personally care about us and our growth in their class.
Fast paced - you must be a self starter and organized in order to succeed
All health problems go to the nurse and is handled
There's no variety and not as healthy
It's pretty strict but very flexiable
Theres no sports with in our school. Our students join other schools sports team
The methods used engages everyone, creatively.
There aren't exactly any clubs that are specifically for the school itself. It associates with the regular high school clubs and activities
I enjoyed my time attending this school.
As a healthy-conscious individual and serious athlete, I refused to buy school lunch due to the poor food options offered. Everything was pretty much fried if not processed packaged food that anyone could purchases at a convenient store or grocery store for a lower price. The school cafeteria's version of a healthy lunch was shredded iceberg lettuce with fake-looking cheese and diced ham.
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Iredell Statesville Visual and Performing Arts Center (VPAC) is an early college high school in which student has dual enrollment with Mitchell Community College and VPAC. VPAC shares a small portion of Statesvill Senior High School's campus thus allowing VPAC student participate in high school unlike some early college high schools. VPAC students cannot participlate in Statesville High School clubs; however VPAC has created some of their own clubs. Being a student at Mitchell Community College, VPAC can also participate in the various clubs and organizations the college offers.
The fact that you graduate with a two year associates degree help immensely in becoming college-ready. Although I am not satisfied with where I am in life after graduating from high school, I would doubt that the school has taught me valuable lessons about growing and being self-sufficient and responsible for your actions.
I feel very safe at this school. Teachers enforce anti drug and anti alcohol.
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