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Iredell is a very family like community with teachers that help you every step of the way! The small teacher to student ratio makes it that much better of a learning environment.
To my knowledge, the policies are efficient. I have not ever had to seek this out on a personal basis. We do not have security officers onsite. The school nurse is shared by many different school districts. Therefore, isn't on campus full time. However, I do believe my children are safe. The school has a fence around it. Gates remain locked most of the time. You must sign in to get on campus. You must sign your child out, if you have to pick him/her up early. Again, this is a very small 1-A Six Man school. If there is anyone out of the ordinary at the school, they will be noticed.
Again, this goes back to funding.. Our student body numbers are low, and in turn, our funds are as well. This does not allow for the best facilities. However, over the years there have been much improvements and equipment has been obtained by other ways than just the state funding. I know that the coaching staff in years past has done different things to raise money for equipment and clothing athletics. There have been different programs used to obtain needed equipment for the classrooms as well.
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However limited we are with the Extracurricular Activities, I think it is great because ALL the kids get to participate. And everyone that wanst to be a cheerleader, are a cheerleader. Although, they may not get the very best education available, the kids are allowed to do things that others at larger facilities only wish they could. They are all given equal opportunity to be part of the team or part of the squad. Of course, they have to maintain their gpa to stay on the group. Although sports are not the most important thing in school. I have seen it really boost a childs self confidence and self acceptance and in turn, I believe makes for a happier child. That, in turn, could possibly help them to have the self-esteem boost they need to be successful in other ways in life.

There aren't many more activities than sports here, tho. The only other clubs are FFA and NHS. They really don't have an official 'club' or curriculum. But, because we are so small, the older kids and the younger kids have some interaction. We have Pre-K through 12th grade at one campus. Sometimes, the older kids assist Teachers or events for the younger grades. And many times, keeps the older kids accountable for being a good role model, because they look up to the older kids.
Iredell ISD not the best, but I know that my children are very safe. I know all the Teachers on a personal basis as well as professionally. My kids feel very at home there, very comfortable. It's a great, small town atmosphere. Everyone knows everyone... All the kids are allowed to participate in sports and extra curricular activities.. Everyone is very accepting and welcoming to new comers.

But, again, it is VERY small... We don't have a lot of the conveniences of a larger district, because of funding.. We are limited on classes offered. We have a few excellent Teachers and then have lost many... They many times have gotten excellent Teachers but unfortunately, we often times lose the better Teachers to other Districts that have better funding. I believe that this is an excellent place to raise kids, However, I believe that they are not given the Very Best Education possible.

Unfortunately, funding determines this. Without being able to be competitive with salaries, we very often times, get the less motivated individuals to stay and Teach here.

However, students are now allowed to attend dual credit classes. This is a Great Thing!! However, it is not on campus. It is offered at a town close by. Therefore, they have to travel to and from the classes. And they are limited to one class per semester and only allowed one per semester for reimbursement with the required grade achieved. When other schools are offering All classes as dual credit classes. As a single Mother, that would have been such a Great Help!! He would have been able to complete a lot more hours of basics and would have been great financial help. This could be The Best with additional curriculum offered with funding for additional, higher level classes offered and the Teachers to Teach them.
The school administration is very helpful and truly cares about the students that attend there. The High School Counselor is only able to be there on a part time basis ( I believe due to funding) However, she is very involved and has been very helpful to my Senior. She is very active in and around school events through out the year. The office staff are people that have lived in our small community for years and is like a neighbor helping you out. The Superintendent/Principal grew up here and graduated from High School here. It is a very small community. The kids all seem to get along fine. There isn't much bullying. Usually when things like that occur, the other kids take up for one another.. And it is usually kids that have moved in from other places that try to bully.
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