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I had a great experience here for the faculty is very generous and loves all the kids here. They made it feel extremely to fit in and help out when in need.
Iraan High School does everything they can to help students excel both academically and athletically. There are several different programs to help student with different kinds of disabilities and/or special needs.
The school follows a strict curriculum to make sure we are prepared for all of our state tests. All of our test scores are actually above average for all of texas! They also offer AP and Dual Credit courses for their student to help them prepare and get a head start on college. Taking advanced courses helps demonstrate to colleges that students are willing to challenge themselves academically. If a student does not plan on going to college, the school will help the student have a job lined out for after graduation.
I’ve never had anything but a good experience with Iraan High School. Not only did I receive a great education there, but the spirit and support from the community was beyond inspiring. The only thing I would like to see change is more appreciation for academics because it is such a sport focused town.
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We are recognized across the state of Texas for having one of the best academic schools out there and we compete and go to regionals every year. Most students make it to state and compete very well there and we are known for the best in the region.
This school is the best in the region due to the fact that we compete and do our best in what ever we do. We also are upheld by the teaching staff to achieve great things no matter what and they push us to achieve great things in life. Overall this school really is great and I know for a fact that my school is the best one around.
Our teachers do the best they can for the students especially when it comes down to needing to pass or not. They also stay after school to help with failing students.
Our school is overall very safe and has good health management programs for when things could go wrong.
Every student at my high school attends one thing or the other we are involved in this school.
Our facilities are okay at our school some could be improved, but the overall benefit the students to the amount that is possible.
Our athletic program is amazing because we participate in every sport and do the best we can to help out our school.
Our administrators are supportive of the school and are helpful to students.
Many students are involved in at least one sport, and most of the sports are District Champions with some of them even advancing as far as State.
Football, Cheer leading, Band, UIL, Basketball, Cross Country, Track and Field, Church Youth Groups, One Act Play, 4H, FFA
We have a very strict dress code. We do not have to wear uniforms though. We have very few drop outs too.
We have been recogniezed by the state for our test scores. We have really good teachers and the students continue to excel.
Due to the state and their rules and regulations, we don't have may options available to us. They want everything healthy or what they call healthy. Not too fired up with cafeteria food.
We live in a small community. The townspeople support us in any activity that we do. Everyone looks out for the other person. You can't beat that!
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It was really hard for me to adjust from small town living to college living in a bigger city.
Our school very rarely experices any of the above issues. If it happens it is taken care of immediately.
Our school is top of the line in education and technology.
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