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Great district where all students are pushed to be the best. Very best in area. They tend to win at most Things that they do.
No options outside of sports. Not much funding or people.
This is a great school overall. They are more in control than the school I attended previously.
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Teachers are able to give students individualized attention and actually care about the progress of their students
Most teacher are awesome, there are lazy ones though.
Very high academic rating in county
high spirit, horrible facilities! no money!
All of our students are very involved! Being a small school, everybody is close and does a lot.
I think that our school does the right amount of disciplining.
Ira ISD holds academic standards high. Almost everybody goes to college or some form of training school after they graduate.
This school has given me some great friends! I have succeeded academically and athletically at this school. The teachers and coaches are great and fun loving. They have great methods of teaching!
The food that our school has meets all of the requirements that they are supposed to.
Almost all of our athletic programs advance to a higher level. We try to succeed every year! Out of 86 people in our high school 76 are in athletics. Many of them play between 2-5 sports. As a high school we are very fit.
We have a strict dress code but not as strict as most schools; we get to wear clothes we choose not uniforms but we have to be careful about what wear wear. we can not wear tank tops, see throw shirts unless you have something underneath it, we can wear jeans with holes but they can only be 6'' above the knee. Now involvement in the school. Our principal is very involved with all we do around the school because they have to be approved by him first anyways.
The extracurricular activities around my school are a big thing to most people. We all work hard to keep up our grades so we can do extracurricular activities. I am one who works really on keeping and making good grades. Sometimes i just get a little to caught up in my extracurricular activities and let my grades slip, but that has changed and is still changing.
Now days school cafeterias don't serve that good food like they use to. Our school food however changed a lot. since they had changed the food a bunch of kids left campus for lunch or they had their parents bring them outside food. Our food now however has changed and is getting better slowly but surely. We do have a salad bar for those who may be on a health kick or who are vegetarian.
At my school we don't have honors classes but we have dual-credit classes. Having dual-credit classes for us is good because we get to start working on our college studies and start learning how college professors like their papers. Now high school classes are great we have good teachers in all subjects that help you understand the curriculum. They also work with you on your work if you are going to be gone; they are good about getting your work to you when you need it. Our teachers are somewhat good with technology but they do have a little trouble from time to time but good thing they have us to help.
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Must students at my school are accepting to other people and new comers. Their are some that aren't accepting, but there are some of those people at every school. Another big thing around my school is student involvement. Most student participate in sports, some in NHS, SAVE, STUCO, FCA and other groups we have around school. Peer pressure is everywhere and you can't hide from it. Peer pressure around my school is not a big concern but we do have it around my school.
Since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school the security of our school has been fixed. We now have security cameras looking over all doors and portable building.Also our school has a S.A.V.E (Students Against Violence Everywhere) group. We stand against bullying in all ways and we stand against all other kinds of violence. We did get a new school nurse this year and she is a very good nurse. She makes sure to send anyone home that has or may have any flu like symptoms, and then when she does send someone home with the flu symptoms she must take a report of that student. I mean i do come from a small town and i go to a school of 270 people and we are located in the middle of nowhere. We are right off of a main highway and that could be a threat to security but i think our security is good but i think it could be better.
I would rate this school with an A because it has good sport facilities, great coaches that help you succeed to the best of your abilities, and they create a bond with you and love watching you compete to the best of your abilities. We are also academics and other groups. Almost all students are active in some kind of group. I kind of like how this school is small and the classes are small in number, i don't think i would have liked being in a bigger school. Therefore i wouldn't change anything.
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