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One of the teachers denied bathroom breaks until my child had an accident on 3 seperate occasions. This same teacher refused to comply with my child's IEP and was impossible to communicate with. The leadership team is very supportive and defensive of their staff members and don't seem to care about the children's well being. I withdrew my child and I do not recommend any parent consider this school.
My overall experience was great. Personally, i was a little too advanced for the other students in my grade and i wish there could have been advanced placement courses for those who were ready to move on. The staff and students at this school made me want to wake up every morning and learn. The teachers felt like parents to me and the students like siblings. This wasn't a school, it was a family.
This school really focuses on sports and the athletics department. I personally did not get involved in much clubs or after-school activities but not because they weren't offered and available, because they were.
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I felt very safe at this school. The gates were closed during school hours and there were always teachers watching the students. There used to be a counselor who would sometimes teach mini lessons in my English class. Students never had the chance to have a one-on-one conversation with the counselor. She left a few years ago.
The Best Math teacher my son ever had, Mr. Howard!
Mr. Howard changed my sons life, we Love him!
mold in vents, teachers always sick with allergies
Principal, I haven't seen at a cross country race
Police have been called before, even been on the news
Most teachers love the kids, love Mr. Ledesma!
Mr. Howard made my kid love to read books!
Mr. Howard goes above and beyond for his students!
Principal only cares for media/publicity not kids
Mold in classroom vents, teachers are getting sick
Many student activities, and clubs.
The gates are always open anyone can just walk in
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