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IQ academy was the best decision I ever made. I was able to learn at my own pace and still have time to do other fun things with my family. The teachers are amazing and would do anything to see their students thrive. I loved getting to choose from so many class options and being able to personalize my school years to me.
I really love how the teachers at IQ Academy are always there for you when you have problems with your school work. The teachers, as well as the students really make you feel welcomed.
Although there were not very many choices in courses, but the teachers are very dedicated. It would be great if there were more courses offered and extracurricular activities.
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My school experience has been truly wonderful - especially since I can work at my own pace. I can zoom through lessons as quickly as I want to!
My teachers have always been super amazing. They listen to my ideas, and they let me be creative with my answers and assignments.
It is great for an online school, but I would've liked more social interaction.
Most teachers are very helpful during their assigned class times!
The building is dated, and the equipment they send to students is getting old.
With the school being online, there was not very many options, unless we went to the brick and mortar building.
Most of the staff and administration were not well educated on the policies and rules.
I have thouroghly enjoyed the three academic years at IQ Academy. The teachers are outstanding, and are always available as a resource. The classes prepare you for college and help you become a well rounded student.
K12 provides all online students a number of clubs, and there are many options for student clubs.
IQ Academy has great guidance counselors for all grades. The guidance counselors make sure they are always in contact with you and a parent. If they notice that your grades are starting to get bad, they send you a message and try to see whats going on. At the beginning of each semester, they set up a conference with you and a parent on the phone, and create a Individualized Learning Plan. They believe each student learns differently and has different needs, so they make sure to create the ILP so teachers know the needs of the students.
I switched to IQ Academy from a traditional high-school in the beginning of my sophomore year. I had battled depression for a year and it still wasn't getting better. I had decided that doing online school would help me focus on my studies and on my health. Over the year, I was beginning to feel better about myself and didn't need to go to as many doctor appointments. I had a hard time finishing my homework at my other school, but the teachers at IQ Academy helped me figure out a schedule to do my homework.

My junior year at IQ Academy was awesome, I got mostly A's and B's in my classes. I took classes that weren't available at my old traditional high-school. Psychology was my favorite class that year, and the teacher was also really interested in it too. I had always struggled in my math courses, but Geometry came easy to me and I learned a lot from my Geometry course.

IQ Academy is unique because they help give you tools to success. Although the teachers aren't available in person, they are more concerned about you, than the traditional class room teachers. I'd still attend IQ Academy if I hadn't had depression, because the school brings a positive side to learning.
IQ Academy Minnesota is a great school, because the staff care about the students. You can always count on the office staff to answer any questions you may have about your courses. The guidance counselors will send you messages and ask you about how your school year is going and offer you advice. The main policy that IQ Academy has is attending all of your required classes. If a student can't make it to a class when it is live, they must watch the class recording and send a message to the teacher about what happened in class. Although the school isn't a traditional school, we do have a strict policy on bullying. If a student bullies another peer in class, they will get a warning from the guidance counselor. A student has three warnings from the office about bullying, and if they still continue to, they get expelled. IQ Academy is an awesome school and has an awesome impact on the students.
This school helped me when my regular public school was causing me depression and anxiety. I was able to love learning again and find a nice, friendly environment where I could learn and pursue my interests.
The teachers at this school were amazing during my time there. They not only made learning fun, interesting, and easy to understand but they also genuinely cared for their students and didn't make themselves so unapproachable you felt like you were being a nuisance if you asked a question. I feel that these were some of the best teachers of my learning experience.
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Since IQ is an online school, such things as dress codes and bullying are not a large problem. The main issue is plagiarism. Being online, it is very easy to copy and paste something into a word document and try to use that as your own paper or any other type of assignment. The teachers are trained and very good at spotting any kind of try to plagiarize and rules are laid down very strictly as to the consequences of plagiarizing.
As IQ Academy is strictly an online school, their use of these tools such as blackboard and online courses and technology is excellent and well utilized. There are many counselor and tutor sessions available to children at many times and they are usually flexible to unique hours children need because of activities or other reasons. Parent involvement is also very important with the online environment as the children rely on them to be their support almost more than the teacher.
The topics and readings we did at IQ Academy were diverse and held a range of topics and ideas. Not many radical ideas were discussed at length on either side of the spectrum (i.e. evolution vs creationism). And I don't feel like it took too much away from our educational experience.
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