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I liked that the teachers knew their students, but being the new kid, I felt like I wasn't included even by the teachers. The students are extremely judgemental (more so than your average high school) and bullying really is an issue here. It's not the visible kind of bullying except for the fact that the students gossip and spread nasty hurtful rumors about their classmates. Some of the teachers will even purposefully not call on you if you weren't in their class before or give you extremely judgemental looks when you respond to a question even if it's the right answer.
It's an excellent school for people interested in athletics. Academics appear to be pushed to the side in favor of focusing on cross country and track. Most of the teachers are excellent, yet the entire school is terrible with diversity.
I like that the class sizes are small and you get to know everyone around you. You can make a lot of connections and relationships with everyone throughout the building, including staff.
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Ipswich High School has provided me with tremendous opportunities in a personal environment. Each student is adequately provided with the attention that they need to be successful in academics and beyond. I have continuously been blown away by the eagerness of all teachers and staff members to provide a student with what they need to be successful. There is an array of online courses offered for students who are interested in courses that are not taught at Ipswich. Plenty of extra curricular activities are offered for students including, art club, band, vocal, theater, oral interpretation, student government, athletics, and even more student organizations! Attending Ipswich High School will provide you with an excellent education, lifelong relationships, and incredible experiences!
Could be better, a select few need to work on engaging the students better.
I loved attending this school. I have grown up with the same kids throughout high school and gotten to know them well. I have also made friends with new kids that came to our school. This school is unique because it is the only school in the area to have almost brand new everything. We have a new school, new roads outside our school, and we are getting newer, younger, more modern teachers. I would definitely choose this school again. My mom worked at the school when I was younger so all the teachers knew me. They all basically helped raise me when I was in their class. This school has made me the person I am today and I wouldn't change that for the world.
This school provides nutritious homemade food every day. The cooks are very friendly and always work hard to prepare a delicious meal.
At this school, there are several opportunities for extracurricular activities. Whether you enjoy to play sports, educational clubs, or business related clubs, there is something here for you! We have football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, cheer leading, track and field, and cross country. There is also art club, drama club, music club, all school play, pep band, drum line, and show choir. Lastly, we have Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and National Honor Society (NHS). One of our most popular school club is NHS which is available to students who excel in their school work. They provide a tutoring program for students, fund raise, and every other year they go on a educational trip to Washington D.C., and New York. I attended this trip last year and it was the best time of my life.
This school has effective policies. We always have assemblies to prevent bullying. The dress code usually isn't a problem because most of the time it's cold in South Dakota, so people are usually pretty covered up. The students and faculty are so great that people don't want to miss school, therefore the attendance is very well. Our guidance counselors and principal will do what ever it takes to make you satisfied with your school and/or personal life.
I grew up in the city of Aberdeen and attended school with a rather large class size. When I was going into 7th grade, we moved out into the middle of nowhere and I had to decide if I wanted to continue to go to the big city school, or a small rural school. After lots of long nights thinking, I finally chose to go to Ipswich. I have never been so happy at a school in my life. This school is like one, big, happy family. From the very first day I walked into that school, I felt wanted. Over the years, I have participated in many activities withing the school and community. There are so many great opportunities available in this community. The teachers treat every student like it's one of their own and the students get along very well. If you are having troubles understanding something, the teachers will make time to help you understand. I have never been so pleased with such a distinguished school.
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