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I love the positive and supporting environment of Ipswich High School. All my friends and teachers are enthusiastic about education. The administrators also promote a fun and involved learning environment. I was able to balance my extensive involvement in sports and clubs with my rigorous courses. The only thing I think IHS could improve upon is teaching their students about the importance of finding your passion. I felt like a lot of people over involved themselves with activities they didn't actually enjoy just to put them on a college resume. I would have liked to be encouraged to pursue a few specific areas of interest, rather than being pressured to join every club and take every AP class. But overall, I loved high school, and I couldn't be happier with my experience at Ipswich High.
The teachers at Ipswich High School are very helpful, understanding. The culture at the school is very uplifting; both students and faculty are always positive.
I would like to see more preparation for college and preparation for life after high school and college. I wish there was a home ec class. I think we have been making strong strides towards our advancement in technology, math and science.
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Ipswich high school gives students many opportunities to take courses in subjects that interest them. They allow students to e creative musically and theatrically. And are a safe environment. They lack the college preparation for applying to schools.
Ipswich High School became a very inclusive and exciting place compared to middle school. Middle School was a time of cliques and judgment, where everyone was nervous to be themselves. As we all grew together, Ipswich High School changed that. I became friends with so many new people and had all types of different friends. I was stress-free each and everyday because of all the opportunities offered and help given by teachers. It is a very friendly environment, and the one thing I would construct would be that the students could use more attention with their ongoing opinions about certain rules in the school.
It's a small school, so everyone knows each other. The teachers are nice and it is a very safe school with no bullying
My overall experience with IHS has been great over these last four years. I have been able to see how my class has changed and how the teachers here help us to achieve our goals.
I moved into this school from another district for the strong fine arts department this school has. The school board and parent's support of the fine arts in this school community was extraordinarily beneficial to the programs and the students involved.
Good sports and music programs. School and education are nothing to write home about. The epitome of an average high school experience.
If you look in the right places, you can squeeze a fantastic education out of IHS. If you slack and don't try to challenge or push yourself, chances are you're not going to experience the high school to the extent that it could be. Ipswich provides so many opportunities for students to succeed and do what they love.
I have enjoyed my 4 years at Ipswich High School. The teachers and guidance counselors have been great. Academically, I feel prepared for college. Participating in sports (soccer and track) has helped me gain confidence both independently, and working as a team.
The rich culture of the school encourages students to brake the norms of high school.I am a current Senior at IHS and I can honestly say that this school has pushed me to be the best student I possibly could have been. Almost every student at IHS is involved in sports, music, the arts and other clubs and organizations in and outside of the school; on top of academics. The culture of IHS is something unforgettable, everyone at Ipswich wants to see the best for there students and fellow peers weather that is student to student or even between faculty members. There is still lots to be done at the school to make it even better yet its still moving steadily in the right direction. All the staff members at IHS love and respect their students and its this respect and admiration that is reciprocated back towards the staff from the students. In all IHS is an amazing high school that is really making an impact on all of their students life's.
I think my school have good overall involvement with clubs and sports. The academics are very good and teachers are always helpful as well.
The small town of ipswich has its pros and cons, one is you know everybody in the school. Which can be a good and a bad thing. One thing we could work on is our diversity, or lack there of.
I really like this high school experience here. It’s a very nice school with a lot of opportunities and options for students.
Ipswich High School offered good educational opportunities, and the semester schedule resulted in increased college readiness. It was not a very diverse school.
Overall, Ipswich high school was a great environment for stable learning. Ipswich offers a wide variety of academics and arts programs, that will suit everyone in some way shape or form. One area I got a lot out of in my four years here, was the music and arts program. Ipswich has an absolutely incredible music program that will set you on the right path to success. Because music is my chosen career, I took advantage of their unique courses such as music theory, symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, bel canto, etc. these course have absolutely succeeded to make me a greater student, and individual overall. The creativity is always flowing at Ipswich high.
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Compared to other schools we don't have many safety measures besides door buzzers and fire/lock down drills
They have been cutting more and more programs like drama and student participation in arts is declining, but the faculty commitment to programs is great.
There are a lot of opportunities to explore different interests but many programs are being cut.
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