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iPreparatory Academy is an incredibly innovative school and offers a unique environment. The teachers are very prepared and qualified. Furthermore, iPrep offers diversity, students ranging from states like Nebraska to countries like Dominican Republic or Brazil.
Honestly, the school was fine. There are only about two good teachers that every student will agree on that inspired them and helped them enjoy learning. Some of the teachers should not be working and the school is Ikea furniture constantly falling apart. NO sports. One guidance counselor who doesnt work.
I had a very good time at iPreparatory Academy. The teachers and staff were very accommodating to my needs and those of others. Being a part of this community was beneficial for me because I felt comfortable to grow there. iPrep allowed me to be who I wanted while taking advantage of advanced educational practices.
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This school is very academically driven to make sure all student who attend make it to graduation. The student who graduates is always 100% due to the hard work of the teachers and students.
iPrep Academy is a school for students who wish to work at their own pace while still having the instructional help from teachers.
iPrep is a wonderful school. They have the best of the best teachers and staff in Miami-Dade County.
I liked how involved the teachers were with the students. I loved how our teachers were on top of us our senior year for college, they really prepared us and helped us get into our dream school.
iPreparatory Academy is truly an oasis of learning environment made for students who are intrinsically motivated to learn. Its structure is based on self-governance because of the nature of FLVS (Florida Virtual School). Students pace themselves in their courses and have help from teachers available when needed. It is heavily tech and media arts focused, but I have seen since graduation that more emphasis is being placed on STEM. Great for students who have passion for school, but not-so-great for those who are not self-motivated to learn.
iPrep Academy is a very different high school when compared to others. It's like the child of a College and a tech company. The school can be very challenging for anyone not used to a school focused on technology, advanced classes, or academic freedom. The students come from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs. Overall, iPrep is a very good school for those who want to focus on careers that are in, for example, STEM.
I enjoyed my time at iprep but it never really felt like a real high school. Iprep had great teachers and staff but it lacked regular facilities that normal high schools have.
iPrep Academy prepared me for college more than any other school could have. I will be able to complete my bachelors degree in only 2 years because of AP class credits offered by iPrep. The internship opportunities changed my career outlook and allowed me to get a job position that I otherwise would have had to wait to get until I was done with college.
I liked the intimacy of the school. Classes at iPrep were small and everyone knew everyone making learning more simple and effective. Not to mention the perks of attending, which are the laptops and the freedom. I think the freedom, outside of education, was so essential for college readiness. They really give you a taste of whats expected of you even when your gifted with time on your own because how that time is managed determines quality of work and whether or not you're capable of being a college student.
iPrep Academy was not my original high school of choice as a freshman, but I am now grateful for my fate. iPrep has facilitated my access to community service opportunities, college information, and higher education through internships. The administration is constantly offering their help and are easily accessible for any question/need that the student may have. The teachers know the material they are teaching, and they teach it in a way that is easy for each student to understand. The laptops that are provided for the students are useful for every day learning in the classroom. The students themselves are friendly and accepting and their work ethics are commendable. iPrep has been my second home for the past four years and I would not have chosen anywhere else if given the option.
My overall experience at iPrep Academy was great. Being a student there really prepared me well for internships and college it self. It showed me how to be very independent, it showed me how to overcome educational challenges as well as how to teach myself different materials in a way that was best for me to learn.
iPrep academy is a technology based school where students get the chance to complete their work on MacBooks provided by the school. This school offers AP class, dual enrollment classes, and honors. Most of the clubs are ran by the student such as robotics and Girlwhocode. Many of the graduating class have came back to the school to share their experience with current students and they gave plenty of positive feedback. Some even have stated that iPrep was harder that most colleges and we would be surprised by how prepared iPrep students are in being able to complete assignment/slides online. Although there is a lot of work given throughout the week (especially in APs), this all pays off when majority of the graduating class either have a full ride scholarship and have been accepting to some of the best school in the US.
IPreparatory Academy is a great school. It helps students expand their understanding on real life. When students graduate from iPrep, they are prepared for higher education, applying to jobs, and pursuing a successful career.
iPrep Academy is a great school and I recommended this school if you can maintain your grades and if you want a good future. iPrep is all advanced classes and the teachers their are nice and they teach and i mean they can teach.
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Iprep is a very safe learning environment. We have never had any issues concerning violence or intruders in the past. Iprep is an ID-mandatory school and school officials clearly address that almost daily. We also often have random drug sweeps done by the police and there have not been any drugs found in school to this day. Everyone at Iprep is also very friendly so bullying never becomes an issue .
At Iprep many students choose to partake in honor societies. These clubs are made for students who excel in certain subjects and we have one for just about every core subject. The downside however, is that because of Iprep's downtown location we lack any sports clubs or activities. Outdoor activities are not completely out of the picture though as we have an annual basketball day called "Hoop-it-up" and at the end of the school year we usually have a field day where students can participate in many different athletic activities. The school newspaper is also presented in the form of a weekly video which is made purely by the students and gives them a great opportunity to display their creativity as well as the occasional form of comedy.
This school is great because of the technology environment. We also have many activities led by the student body such as the weekly news podcast known as the "Friday Firebird." If I could, I would attend this school all over again because I do not think that I would get a better experience or very dedicated teachers at another school.
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