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Iowa Valley Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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When I first moved here I wasent treated very fair but over time I felt apart of the school. I think sometimes are school like to favor people but in the end I think they still care about all of there students.
The school is in a very small community, I believe that this help the teacher-student bond. A bond one might not have in a larger school, Teachers care and are very involved with their students.
The school recently received a grant so it made the school be a 1 to 1 ratio for ipads. Since the technology that was introduced is new, it is hard to integrate some lessons that have been pencil and paper for the last 40 years to be online, and interactive. But, the teachers try.
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After I graduated my world changed completely. I went from working part-time, being involved in literally everything I could, and doing well in high school to college. I work nearly full-time, and the homework time went up to about ten hours a week or more per class. I am always busy will college, but when you add work into the mix it gets harder. I also have a parent who I live with who is supporting my food and housing bills, he is soon to lose his job, so I am considering getting a second job so I can help pay for more. I would love a scholarship, so I wouldn't have to worry about my tuition, or books for a semester. Any would be greatly appreciated!
Clubs are limited. There is a small number of extracurricular activities that are not sports. The most recently added club was a book club, and that was three years ago. Limited staff results in limited clubs.
I enjoy my school and would recommend it to new families looking for a respectable, small, public school. Having teachers who get to know you on a more personal level is a major plus. Great school spirit, and multiple memories to last forever.
The teachers are interested in your progress as a student. Some teachers seem to show more of a preference to certain students based on activities they are involved in. Overall they are great teachers with high expectations of their students.
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