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I transferred to Iowa park last year before my junior year started from a different High school with hopes things would be better and different while it started out that way I was later on secluded from most groups and have found it very difficult to make friends.I had to retake several classes I had already taken because they had the same class named differently. Same curriculum I had already learned and they didn’t have anything for me to advance on past that. It’s an if you’re in then you’re in and if you’re not than you’re just not and that’s too bad kind of thing. I don’t think it’s on purpose I think it’s mainly because it’s a small town and coming from a school of over a thousand where you could find a new club or group to be friends with in a matter of days and it didn’t matter if you went to school there before or not there was just too many people to notice.
Great school! The teachers and administrators are dedicated. Also great football team. I enjoy going to school here.
Iowa Park High School is the place to be. Everyone is friends, new kids fit in as soon as they arrive. People never get left out at the school. Sports are a huge thing at Iowa Park. No one ever gets bullied or picked on, and the bond between students and teachers is incredible.
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Iowa Park high is just like any other school. The staff is great and they help us students out a lot, but we always get teachers that aren't like that. It is the best school in the county.
I liked the music programs and the fine arts department in general. I would like to see bullying handled better.
It has a very wide variety of things to be in. It's a very nice school it excepts everyone for who they are.
My experience at this school was very great and I was very excited to be attending Iowa Park High School. What I loved most about the school was that I could take dual credit classes and it it wuld count as college credit hours and it also better prepares me for my future in college.
I love that the teachers are willing to push you to your limits in order to see you succeed. I don't like how there are not many language classes offered, but all of the teachers are dedicated to help you learn and they all genuinely love the students. It is a breeze getting to know your teacher because the school is so small and each class has only approximately 100 students. All of the teachers have creative projects in order to unleash the creativity inside of you, and I think that dedication towards teaching is very essential towards a student's education. There is a wide selection in sports and the coaches are very loving yet disciplined when it comes to the team. The school is very safe, there is a police on the campus at all hours. Furthermore, the school of Iowa Park has the lowest percentage of students abusing drugs compared to surrounding schools. The school staff is very friendly, and I would definitely recommend becoming a student of the Iowa Park High School.
I have many friends within Iowa Park High School. I respect and enjoy all of the staff. They are dedicated to my continuing education and success in life.
I like that many of the teachers are very kind and inspiring! The problem is that we don't have that many teachers, or some of our teachers are not as advanced as other schools. I wish that our school had AP courses available. The fact that there are only 100-200 students in each grade means that it is easier to bond with the teachers and you get more individual work.
I was born and raised here in Iowa Park, Tx. I have walked the highschool's halls every year for four years and I can honestly say my experience here has ben nothing less than amazing. The teachers have always been caring and willing to help their students succeed. The school's standards for academic success is held high above the other schools around us. We, as the students, have been taught that our values matter and we are the newest generation of the world. Although our school lacks culture and diversity that is only because we came from a small town. If the town were to expand I believe the school would become much more diverse. The school has flaws like most do, but our flaws are not because the students are bad or the teachers lack the skill to teach. Our flaws are simply economy based, we simply don't have the funding we need to offer more activities to our students.
IPHS is a great school with many great teachers. Their clubs range anywhere from Spanish to robotics. The band has gotten 33 years of straight 1's at competition. IPHS is located in a small Texas town so football is as expected the biggest sport.
This school is small but has a lot of good qualities about. Sporting events are really fun because all the students really want to get involved whether it be playing the sport or just cheering them on from the student section. I was Drum Major of the band so i saw a lot of the school spirit that was among the students. Academically our school is pretty high on the rankings also. Since it is small you can get a lot of one on one sessions with your teachers. If you try there really is no reason for you to fail a class.
The teachers at Iowa park high school are pretty realistic and kind. They all have unique teaching styles so students get to learn from a variety of ways.
Oh its pathetic. Only southern baptist teacher, parents and students. No diversity is here. No gyas, queer, trans, only straight white kids who farm.
"We're in a white bubble"...correctly quoted from a teacher.
Everything here is okay. There's not many clubs but getting involved with band or athletics can make you a little more involved.
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The teachers seem nice and the education is decent. We have some of the higher scores in the district but I feel as if some of the teachers are just passing their students just because they can. The rule system is messed up pretty badly.
For the most part, the teachers here are very friendly and helpful. Most of them go out of their way to help their students but I feel as if some of them don't care much at all. The teachers who run extra curricular activities seem to be more involved wit their students than the others are. Our newest chemistry teacher is very helpful and engaged with his students. He's a 10/10 guy.
They say there against bullying but when someone is the just sweep it under the rug. We have only one school cop
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