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I personally love Iowa-Grant and wouldn't want to be at any other school district. The people at Iowa-Grant are great and the academics are even better. Iowa-Grant isn't really a school know for their sports, but whoever is on the teams really gives it their all to try to improve the athletics.
Iowa-Grant has so many satisfying features to it. The library has just been redone and they did a fabulous job with it. Even when you first step into the doors you see all of the school spirit and everything that has been achieved there. The students and staff are all friendly too.
The administration people do what they can. Sometimes students feel like there's a little bias, but I don't think it occurs on purpose.
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Students are constantly encouraged to join sports teams in my school. The school spirit is pretty high. However, the gym is starting to show its age, and so is some of the equipment. The weight room is also a little small for the equipment that is in it.
The teachers at my school do what they can to help students. They often make classes fun and engaging, but sometimes it gets out of hand. I also think my school could do a little better at motivating students by giving real world applications for the things we learn. This would be especially helpful in math classes.
Iowa-Grant High School has many extracurricular opportunities. Among the most popular, besides sports, are FBLA, LEO Club, and Forensics. These are just a few examples, but there are many more.
It has a small town feeling to it that I enjoy because you know everybody and everyone knows you. All the teachers and staff are very caring and friendly and willing to help not just with problems in school but also outside of school. Everyone has the chance to play on the sports teams and also to participate in the other extracurricular activities of their liking.
There is a good choice of challenging classes that the students can take and all the teachers are knowledgeable in there core area. Also the classes that the school can not provide can be taken independently with the help of an online class.
Our school does not have the greatest of cafeteria options only one a day. They are restricted to what they can serve both by government standards and cost efficiency. Although at the high-school there is and option for a salad nearly every day.
All of the administration is willing to help anybody that reaches out to them. The administration no almost all of the kids and most parents by there name. They are all very friendly.
We are a small community school and lots of the alumni students and staff attend the games. The school has most of the same sports that the other schools in our area do. We have a great weight room for the students and also a weight room that is open for the community to use.
For our school we have many extracurricular activities that students can participate in. There are sports such as football, volleyball, girls and boys basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball, and golf; also there are clubs like the Future Bussines Leader of America, Leo Club, Forensics, Student council, and Future Farmers of America. Most of the students in my school participate in at least one if not more of these extracurricular activities.
We are a very small school community we have very little problem with drugs on school grounds. Also the Secretary in the office can take care of most of the illness that happens in school. Bullying is also not a very prevalent issue in or school but we have seminars about it to keep us informed of those types of issues. I believe are school is very safe.
the sports that are offered are diverse
They are working on building a new curriculum. They are trying to offer newer and more diverse classes for students
Staff uphold the policies set in place.
Could have used more college prep classes
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Could have more choices and bigger servings

We get several foreign exchange students each year which helps to diversify our outlook on foreigners.

All in all the teachers are very good.

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