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Iowa Falls-Alden High School Reviews

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I love how small the graduating class numbers are. With only 100 kids in my class I am able to have more of a one on one learning with my teachers, if I need help I am always able to receive it. What I hate about the school also goes along with the graduating class numbers. Having 100 kids in your grade means you know everyone, this can become a problem. These same kids I have been with since starting school. Knowing everyone and being together for many years can create a bullying problem, which frequently happens. Our school is also not very good with dealing with bullying.
I love the closeness and the help of others. We support each other. Everyone is there for others. I wouldn't change anything.
Hard to compare since it's the only high school that I've ever attended. Seemed to have an okay amount of extracurriculars for it being such a small town, though they could have been more diverse. It was largely focused on sports, which is great, but arts and other clubs are so important to have. Teachers were good. Kids as a whole weren't anything to write home about, you had some nice genuine kids and some bullies, plenty of cliques, like any school.
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Attending Iowa Falls-Alden High has been a wonderful experience. The school has emphasis on not just having the teachers simply teach so students can get good grades on their assignments or assessments, but take an approach of actually having the student learn the topics of the class to the point where they have a greater understanding of it and can apply it to the real world if necessary. The environment is also a very friendly and safe for others to be in and will always see the school come together to support one another, whether it be for those who are in sports, to those in financial need, or for those who have suffered and need emotional support.
I have been attending Iowa Falls-Alden High School for four years. While I have made many great memories while I was there, the school's atmosphere and staff make high school less than enjoyable. The school's facilities are pretty nice, and you can tell the school puts a lot of work into them. However, many people can agree that maybe we should put more money into making our teams better instead of investing millions into new fields. Many other students, including myself, have noticed that if you are not a teacher's favorite, you get stuck in the back seat. Students have always mentioned this as a problem, and are only shut down by the staff. Overall, my experience at Iowa Falls-Alden High School has been less than great, but, while some of that may be my fault, the staff and school administration could do a much better job to create a safe and healthy work environment.
I have had a few ups and downs with this school. Overall, though, it was a great experience and I'm happy that I got my education here.
Iowa Falls Alden is a very involved school where everyone knows everyone. The teachers are always involved and are always willing to help, with the exception of a few.
Great school and teachers, and great community involvement in every sport and club activity. What is being taught could a little more related to what they need to know for college though. Didn't know things when I got to college cause we were never taught it here and most other students had been taught the basics at least at their high school. Sports and clubs have many year round activities and work hard at what they do. Lots of involvement from students.
Facilities are bad. Some bathrooms do not have stall doors or locks. Lunches are what you would expect from a public school. (A little subpar even.) Classes are well taught for the most part, but sometimes too easy. Student morale is poor. Athletics are not great, but not horrible.
Iowa Falls Alden High School is a school that is slowly but surely changing as of 2017. They are implementing a student designed and lead J-term option in the winter months, which shows the level of involvement some students are willing to take ahold of.

As for teachers, there are some true gems. Some faculty need to focus more on getting their students up to college readiness standards, while other faculty are well exceeding those expectations. Despite both sides to this coin, MOST teachers genuinely care for their students.

Not very diverse, but I suppose you can't help that in small town Iowa.
Iowa Falls is a smaller school with a big focus on sports, even though we aren't very good. Half of the teachers are just starting out, and the rest went to school with our parents. The school has tried to push acceptance of all and tried to cut down on bullying, but unless your family has lots of money or influence, you are part of the "out" crowd and tend to get ignored. I love my classes, though, as most of the teachers will try to help you if you put forth the effort.
There are a few teachers that really excel, but there is an overwhelming amount of mediocre and poor teachers. Sports take first priority in the school, yet they too are mediocre and rarely go to the state level. There is a good amount of extracurricular activities. There is a new principal this year, and I expect good changes in the future.
IFA can be a good experience if you choose for it to be. I've honestly had a great time at this school, but that's because I've taken the initiative to succeed. The school really doesn't do much itself to promote your success. Better classes and academic opportunities are available, but only if you look for them and approach the administration for help. People tend to easily get caught up in irrelevant spats of drama, when they could actually be focusing on their education. This is totally an individual decision, even though it shouldn't be. Although IFA has been great for me, I've still noticed the absence of support for their students.
The spirit around the school is something I greatly miss.
Some of the classes were challenging, most weren't. Some teachers cared more than others. They didn't teach us to learn. It seemed as though they just wanted to meet certain goals in order to look like they were doing a good job. My favorite experiences were the sporting events and being involved in the sports, especially track. All the other sports focused on your last name, rather than your ability to play the sport. I would much rather have gone to a scholl that challenged me in all aspects and required me to learn the information, rather than cram the information in my head for a short amount of time and then forget it.
The safety at the school is great and there is some bulling. We have had the police get involved before with some issues.
There are many academics offered at the school.
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The teachers are great to get along with and they have an understanding grading system, and they are knowledgeable.
Everyone tries to follow the dress code and it is needed for any public school. All of the policies have a reason for being used.
Our teams are good at sports yet we could have better facilities at our school.
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