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Iowa Connections Academy High School Reviews

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I am so happy to be attending Iowa Connections Academy. It is an online school that has been the best learning experience for me. The teachers are helpful and knowledgeable. The administrator of our school is a dynamic leader. I am thankful for Iowa Connections Academy because it is the best fit for me for high school.
Iowa Connections Academy is a fantastic school. I have been attending this school for four years and I will be graduating in May. Throughout my time at Iowa Connections Academy, I have become more confident and outgoing. I have gained so much confidence in myself and with everyday things that I do. I would one hundred percent recommend Iowa Connections Academy to anybody. The staff is incredible and willing to help out with anything. The curriculum is very well put together and it covers a wide variety of topics throughout the units and courses. The material learned is very useful for everyday life. The teachers are very helpful with any questions from the lessons or questions just in general. Communication between teachers/students/parents is fantastic.
I started at IACA my junior year. In the two years I've been with them my grades have improved greatly. My teachers are helpful and very interactive with me.
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My favorite thing about IACA was the mass of opportunities that were available to me while still doing all my school at home! Time is extremely flexible and I was to do my studies and have a part time job on the side. Attending this school made me very self-motivated and it gave me the determination to accomplish my goals.
A flexible online school that have teachers eager to help. The atmosphere is great and you can go at your own pace. There are dozens of clubs that students can enter, however no sports. Of course being an online school there is no cafeteria food and your safety is all in where your home is.
I graduated a year early which is a good thing but at the same time sad, because the teachers are so nice and I enjoyed going to school! The curriculum was fun and a good level.
The teachers made sure to teach what would be needed as a young adult. From mental health to economics... the teachers made sure you understood
There were activities such as book clubs... not many participated because it wasnt popular.
I came into the school almost failing my junior year. Because the staff were so helpful and passionate, I was able to graduate on time.
The teacheesbtake the time out to help if you are willing to seek it. Meeting up wirh the teachers, students, and staff and having a real life relationship is great. Working at your own pace was an amazing thing to do. More people should seek virtual schooling.
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