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The school is great, I just feel like there are too many kids in each class so the teachers can't pick up what students may need to keep up with the material. But the teachers really try hard to make sure we know the subjects. They're pretty personal and I never had a teacher turn me away, so that's great!
I have had a great experience at City High, the school that leads. There is a large variety of activities and programs available for all interests. Most teachers are super helpful and understanding and will do their best to help you understand the class.
The recent addition of Chromebooks given to every student in the school as well as Wifi Hotspot for students without access at home has been a great installation because one-on-one teacher-student learning is now easier than ever. The school and district work hard to ensure that low-income, minority, and immigrant students have access to resources that prepare them for success in high school and beyond.
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I moved to City High during my sophomore year of high school and it was a very difficult move for me. City High was very welcoming and everyone accepted me. I felt like part of the community and the City High family. The classes are challenging, but manageable especially because the teachers are very understanding and always offer to help. The school has classes for all interests and many different extracurricular activities opportunities for every student.
Iowa City High School gave me the opportunity to find my self as a student and an athlete. It's filled with diversity and great people that really makes the school feel like a community.
City High School has many advanced AP classes and many opportunities to participate in drama, music, and sports.
Very diverse and a lot of fun clubs, groups and things to do. All the teachers do their best to make their class interesting and help us learn. Administration is friendly too.
I enjoy City High School, the teachers are very supportive and great at teaching. There are many different clubs and sports for everyone to get involved in. There is a lot of school spirit during spirit week and football/volleyball/basketball/soccer game.
There are a lot of different opportunities at City High and all of the teachers there just want to see us students go on to do amazing things in any area of study. They are always there to help with whatever we need.
I like the diversity at City. City is also very welcoming. The staff is awesome! I think City could use air conditioning and a new gym! I also think they should fire Terry Coleman because not one student likes him, and he's a fun hater.
My experience at City High overall was pretty good, I graduated last year a few months ago. I feel like specific teachers made the school great and without their help, I don't think I would've made it to college. They have many resources, not enough always but it helps with what they do have. Work on acceptance and the school would be much better. I encourage few to go here, yet my experience wasn't completely terrible.
City High School has been a great experience for me as a white female, but watching students of color, LGBT students, and students with disabilities go through high school with me has been rough. There is not enough outreach to lower class students and disabled students to prepare them for college. Whenever a problem presents itself, it's largely swept under the rug by administration to maintain a good reputation. The presidential election brought out many problems, and instead of addressing these problems correctly, media was censured and students were silenced. Over all, teachers are very qualified and the class choices are endless, but there is not enough push to put students of color in advanced and challenging classes.
I liked the experience of going to school here. City high was a positive experience for me with some amazing teachers that I had. Another positive experience was athletics as at the time there was really good with decent coaches and a great overall atmosphere from the crowds attending
Some changes that I would like to see occur at Iowa City High is to update the building and the facilities. When I went to school there the building was old and in some classrooms higher up there was no air-conditioning. They were in the process of making some updates and adding new classrooms.
Iowa City High is a community where lots of energy, passion for learning and involvement happens. It is a welcoming school with lots of diversity. Music and the arts are valued and supported. Our principal leads with sincere enthusiasm.
Most of my teachers aren’t extremely dedicated to their work, but the administration is a joke. They value their athletes above all other students, especially those who are LGBT+, non-white, and even women. Cockroaches are also a frequent sighting in multiples areas of the school
I had a great experience there, and got to benefit from a very high-quality learning environment. However, not all students had the same opportunities I did. Honors classes had the same students year after year; it was like we were in our own little bubble. I think the school could be more proactive in promoting equity among students, and giving an extra boost to disadvantaged students. I'd like to see more diversity in AP and honors classes in the coming years, to verify that everyone has a fair shot at getting the same high-quality education I did.
Iowa City high school is a really great school. They have wonderful teachers. If you need help with anything, there is always people who will help you. The people make you feel welcome. One change I would make would be have good food during lunch .
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It's a pretty generic high school, nothing's too special about it. There are some great teachers, most are just fine at what they do, and a select few are straight up awful. The school is very athletics focused which is good for the athletic kids but not so great for kids in other programs like arts/foreign language/science. You can definitely tell administration favors the athletic department, sadly. It's very diverse and usually accepting although there have been some instances of bullying. The AP/Honors classes are way too packed and pretty much let anyone in, which makes them feel less specialized and college-like. There is a lack of a support system in this school- most teachers aren't really interested in caring for their students. It's not too hard to get involved if a student wants to. The building itself lacks air conditioning in many parts. It's a somewhat beautiful campus. Overall, it's just meh. You could get it anywhere.
Very friendly teachers and students, strong and competitive learning environment with a focus on the arts and sports.
I had moved to Iowa City High School my sophomore year and was overwhelmed in the best way possible. There are so many clubs to join, classes to enroll in, and people you want to get to know. The environment at this school is super supportive and friendly. Students are very diverse and accepting no matter of your race or religion. Teachers are outstanding! They are always there to help you. They push you to work harder. They encourage you. They are there to prepare you for your college and adult life.

In addition to all this, the campus is absolute jaw-dropping! I remember visiting the school for the first time and I could not believe my eyes. I took about 30 pictures that day alone from every angle possible.

Iowa City High School is a place that is wonderful both inside and out. This school is truly "The School That Leads". I have no doubt in my mind that anyone who attends will love it here!
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