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Iota High School is a very nice school academically and the teachers were very nice. I learned many different things during high school that will help me further my studies as a college student. If you involve yourself with what is happening at school, you will have a better experience. The only problem was there wasn't much diversity among the students there.
It is an incredible school. It has an A rating. The teachers and staff are amazing. I can’t say enough good things about this school.
During my four years at Iota High, I have learned many things. I have learned about the faculty, students, and how lucky we are to be at Iota. There is so much that my school has to offer that others do not. We have many organizations and we are constantly adding more to get everyone involved. Our sports are constantly improving thanks to our lovely coaches who do everything they can to make things happen. Our school would not be what it is without the love and support of our little town. No matter if we win or lose, they are always there to back us. I wouldn't change anything about my school. We are constantly growing because people always want to come to Iota.
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I like the open communication from administration. I also like the community involvement that the school has. I would like to see other sports highlighted other than football, basketball and baseball/softball.
Really great school. Good community, great staff, and plenty of resources to ready students for college.
Iota High is an excellent school. My experience at this school ad provided me with opportunities to prepare me foe my future.
While attending Iota High school I have concluded some very straight forward ideas about the school. While there are very few teachers who I have come to admire and trust in their ability to teach, most of the teachers at Iota High are just plain terrible. There are countless instances I can recall of teachers giving up on lessons and moving on, or only catering to what the students wanted, which was to skip the lesson and have a free class period. Now there are one or two teachers at Iota High that I find are the very definition of what a teacher should be. However, I believe most of the faculty at Iota are not very good.
It does not prepare you for college as well as it could. Only a couple dual enroll classes are avaliable, kids (unless you are in honors) aren't encouraged to take their ACT/SAT, and generally only cares about A's over the student's ability to go to better opportunities or better schools.
it is a good school, make a lot of friends. the teacher are fine, they help us need to do for collage and need grades pass it. they have a lot clubs.
Iota High School is one with a healthy mix of good and bad. On the good side, there are many teachers who are dedicated to helping students, but many teacher cut students slack whom are failing. They would give "extra credit" that was so mediocre a task to complete a 3rd grader could have done it. Also, school spending focused on cameras in the halls and pain in the gym, but they did nothing to make lunches better, or have new computers to work on in the classrooms. All in all, it was a great school, but with a lack of strictness when it came to failing students, it doest get five stars from me.
I graduated from Iota and the education is superb compared to surrounding public high schools. It's a small school in a small town that continues to grow. I would suggest anyone that lived in the district to come to this school to get an excellent education.
I love this school's school spirit! Especially towards football, even though the team sucks. I think the cleanliness of the school and it's overall appearance inside and out could be improved
There are quite a few of extracurricular activities at my school. There are clubs for all different personality types and interests. The commitment level of students as well as teachers is outstanding.
My high school experience has been memorable. I participated in many extra curriculars and made the most out of the years. I'll always remember the football games, homecoming pep rallies and proms. I wouldn't change anything about my experience in my small town high school.
Iota High School's teachers and staff are genuine, caring and loving people. The teachers all have different teaching styles but overall each one is willing to do whatever is needed to help the student learn.
Some parents are good and genuine but others truly don't care.
Most of the teachers are kind
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It's overall a great school. The only thing I would change is that the hallways are over crowded and some of the teachers don't teach rather than just handing out material then testing on the same material.
I chose to bring my own lunch most of the time, so I never really ate school lunch.
The teachers were great and didn't tolerate failing.
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