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Technology is advanced but we have students who need much more tutoring or one on one help.
We have dances and class nights once a month where we are appropriately chaperoned. There are great events AT the dances to engage everyone.

Administrative support is trying, there are a few teachers who you can tell are just tired, tired of their jobs...but for the most part they are engaged in helping students grow.
Even though the staff works hard to educate the children the new "common core" has been hard for many students to adjust to. It was new when I was in MS and the teachers were struggling with us to help us adjust.

The parenting that I saw did not give me much confidence in the future of some of these students. I did see 2 pregnant 8th graders which, in my opinion, is WAY too young to be a mom.

The areas of greatest support is the athletics, mostly football and basketball. Everyone comes out for these events to cheer on our home team.
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The teachers and staff of the IMS are a group of educated men and women who are committed to helping the students in their care to become respectful and dependable young adults.

They are available for struggling students who seek help outside of class time and work with the parents and students to help achieve goals.
There curriculum is far behind and I see that now as a freshman in college. They're teachers have two mind sets first, they put in the effort you show, or they are just teaching you what they are supposed to and they have no feelings for your other classes or life outside of that class. Some teachers care and most do not.
As for extracurricular there are a few different activities but the support from the staff is not the best.
I was apart of sports, clubs and did quite well in school. Although their curriculum is behind and it has caused me to struggle through my first semester in college. Students are bullied and not only does the school brush it off as do the parents. There are teachers there who do care and are willing to help and put the effort into students if they wish to put in the effort. But the school is based on what you put into it seems. If you wish to attend 3 out 5 days of the week they don't do much but make a call. If you wanna sleep in class and learn nothing most teachers will allow you to or will just send you down to the office to sleep. It's not the best for students who one day wish to move along with their education yet have never learned time management skills, people skills, or communication skills.
Some teachers are better than others, although not very helpful. As a freshman in college I see how far behind the school I graduated from was. It's sad to say that but I believe everyone should know the truth. Some teachers favor their students due to sports, clubs, and even organizations they're apart of or are not apart of.
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