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It is an excellent place to be! The atmosphere is like no other and I feel like the staff as well as the students make this place unique and astounding to attend!
I felt like my school cared a lot about it’s students and offered great support in all areas. It really prepared me to be ready for college and a career in the outside world.
Ionia High school is a very good school, but they students kinda suck. They are mean and rude, but the staff are good about dealing with it most of the time.
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I would like there to be more AP courses. I also felt the school did not truly prepare you for college. I did like the faculty most were very nice but again no one prepared me properly for college.
Overall, I had a above average experience at Ionia High Scholl throughout the last four years. Most teachers are very helpful and are willing to use their personal time outside of class to help. There is a fair number of AP and Honors courses available, but I wish there would be a few more AP courses such as Chemistry and Physics. There is a lot of opportunities to get involved through sports and other extracurricular activities. Administration instills a good no-nonsense type of attitude that benefits the school. The one thing I believe Ionia High School is lacking, however, is school spirit. I feel like a lot of students are proud to attend this school and attendance at sporting events is often quite low, even in rivalry games.
The heartlands program that is connected to the high school, some of the teachers and the sports, clubs and some of the classes
The arts are very important to IHS. Our music and theatre programs are amazing. We also have so many opportunities for success. Our teachers are all so friendly and really help out when we need it. I love this school. We also have almost no bullying. At least, I've never witnessed any.
I liked how understanding the counselors are. I would like to see the teachers make more of a connection with the students and want to help them not get a C but hep them get an A.
My daughter got bullied for over a year and ionia took the bullies side. Not where I want my kids going.
Ionia high school has about 800 students. Half of whom will pass algebra 2. The best part of Ihs is our heartlands institute of technology but That's ran through multiple schools so it's not really Ionia doing it. Otherwise most people think it's cool to fail classes and we have people smoking weed in the bathroom everyday
Great classes and most of the teachers know exactly how to keep their students engaged. Their band program is wonderful, I myself was not in band but my friends were. Their AP classes are also well taught and prepare students for college
School work isnt hard And you wont get a lot of homework. Some teachers are good at their job but others are not. I t is easy to fit in and make friends.
Academics are average, with the main intent of getting higher test scores. Diversity is horribly whitewashed, college advising is strongly encouraged and pushed onto students. Administration is new this year (2016-17) and going through some growing pains. Teaching staff is great, engaged with the kids they're teaching. Facilities are exceptional- minus not having a theater for arts performances/assemblies.
Ionia High School was a small school so everyone already had their decision made up about you before they really got to know you. There are some teachers at Ionia who generally care for the students but a majority don't and are very set in their ways
While I don't think Ionia High School is, or was, the best school out there it's hard to be to hard on it. Where some teachers and classes aren't the best, there are always some teachers that really go above and beyond in making up for that, and make some classes more a home then another class room to spend an hour making it through.
Extracurricular activities are there, and fairly well advertised. Sports games are always fun to attend as well!
My heart personally belongs to the music program our school has. With amazing teachers, three vocal music groups, and our amazing band it really makes a day better getting to hear them in both practice and concert. The music kids always work hard and it shows.
Our technology , I think, could stand to improve but we make do with what we have just fine. All in all, Ionia is a great place to be at the end of the day, and I'm proud to be a student here.
My experience at Ionia High School has been very successful at preparing me for future education. They provide many advanced placement classes and dual enrollment classes which can give students an opportunity to gain college credits in high school. Many teachers to above and beyond to make sure their students succeed even if it means staying additional hours after school to ensure the student can succeed in their class. My only wish would be that we could have a wider variety of electives for more career pathways.
Most of the teachers at this establishment are very helpful and understanding when I struggling it need help in any of my academics. Several of the staff members are very supportive of me and my future, they help guide me in more ways than one.
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I believe that many teachers love what they do and are very good at what they do, however there are some teachers that do not know how to help students learn. I loved our school when Mr Manciu was our principal, however I do not like it now that Mr Gurk is our principal. I believe our school has the potential to be great, but has not yet reached it.
I've been going to Ionian public schools since u tart school and every second has been amazing, from the teachers to the sports and the extra curricular activities it's all I need.
The scheduling process is different every year. IHS has never been a school to be consistent with anything, which bothers a lot of students. The teachers do a good enough job but could be a lot better. The curriculum often changes and confuses students too.
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