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Our international students that have attended and currently attend this school have felt welcomed by the entire school community, been offered a quality education, and were given multiple opportunities to excel both in high school and their college years beyond. We highly recommend this school to future international and domestic parents and students.
I love that Iona is a small school. It has allowed me to get to know my peers and teachers really well and has made it easier for me to become very involved in activities, including starting my own club (the philosophy club). I would increase the level of preparation it gives students for SATs and ACTs if I had to pick one thing to change.
Iona Prep is a great school because they do not want you to fail. The teachers want to help you suceed and will stay after school to make sure you suceed. I wish they would allow seniors to leave for lunch instead of having them sit in senior hallway but it was still a lovely experience.
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Iona Prep was a great experience for me. Everything from the people to the academics is great. The teachers are extremely dedicated to their jobs and are always willing to help whenever you need help with something. I've created unforgettable bonds here and I wouldn't be the person that I am today if it weren't for Iona.
During my time at Iona, I have been involved in athletics heavily. In this time, I have had great experiences from winning championships to building friendships for life. More importantly, Iona has set me up for a great future in terms of academics and college prep. The workload was difficult to adjust to, but I am sure it has prepared me for college. The guidance and support I have received from Iona are second to none. I would not have it any other way. Go Gaels!
My son is thriving at Iona Prep. It is challenging academically but the school provides the boys with the resources to succeed. My favorite part of the school is the culture - Iona Prep is a warm, caring and safe community, and they put an emphasis on helping others and volunteering for social good. As a parent, you are proud to drop your son off their each day. The moms and dads are fully involved in the Iona Prep community, so it really is a family experience. Lastly, you will be so impressed with the colleges the Iona Prep students get into thanks to the strong guidance department.
great school that supplies many opportunities to graduates once they leave. school spirit is off the charts and parents and faculty are amazing. a very tight community that looks at expanding their schools by networking. very clean inside and out, you can tell they really care about the success of their students.
The school is academically pretty good, just a couple of poor teachers. Definitely feels like it prepares you for college. Athletics are awesome.
Iona provided me with an experience that greatly improved my life. The balance between academics, sports, and clubs is truly amazing. I have gotten involved in things that I would never have gotten involved in if I had gone anywhere else.
Overall the school was good. There are some teachers that need to be fired, but otherwise it is a good experience.
Great experience, great students, supportive teachers, and friends that will honestly last you a lifetime. Just like every other school there are the annoying teachers, discipline is certainly enforced (sometimes to extreme extents), but this school will definitely prepare you for the real world.
its a good school i like the school it is great i like it it is great it has alot of good people in the school
The School is very good. It really prepares you for college and the guidance counselors are extremely involved. The students you meet are similar to yourself and you can connect with them very easily. It begins teaching you about morals and how to act in the real world and gives you a strong foundation.
Iona prep was definitely a suitable high school. The school does a good job at preparing its students for higher level courses using their higher level courses but their lower level classes can leave some students to be blindsided by the difficult college courses to come. They could definitely require the students to do more reading which is a large component of college.
Iona really worked for me, I could have gone to public school but chose (along with my parents) to go to this Catholic school. I'm definitely prepared me for the college admissions process and I think I'm ready for the rigors of the work there. Iona presented me with many opportunities academically and athletically. And you can't beat the place itself - beautiful.
Iona is a great place. If you are currently reading this, you are either just curious or you are considering sending your son here. It is worth every penny. It has so far helped me connect and I have already made some great friends. This place carries heavy weight in the outside world. On a few college visits so far, the admissions office has already taken me aside to ask if I was from Iona Prep and it really sets you apart from other applicants. The diversity is good but if you don't socialize during 9th or 10th grade, you will be 'stuck' in a single friend group. The food and facilities are fantastic and the environment makes a nice, peaceful place to learn. I know you here this everywhere but our sports are as good as it gets, with experienced and dedicated coaches at every level. Not to mention we have won a league championship in every sport in the past 5 years. This school covers all aspects of high school u need and is worth every dollar.
My decision to attending Iona Prep is the best one I ever made. The school's culture as well as the type of students it attracts were perfect for me. Hard working, polite but fun loving kids and teachers surround me every day. Furthermore, attending a Catholic school gave me service and spiritual opportunities that I would not have been exposed to at a public school. If I could change anything it would be the quality of the AP History courses. I took several of them and struggled on the AP Tests because I was not sufficiently prepared for them. Overall, as I said, Iona Prep is fantastic. Great kids, great teachers, great sports and it prepared me very well for college.
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I feel very safe at this school as they do all they can to keep their students, faculty, and staff safe from potential threats. Student IDs are so big here that they must be visible at all times or else it's an automatic detention from teachers, deans, or principal. The IDs are used in order to grant access to certain parts of the building, whereas without them, you won't get to certain classes unless someone can open the door for you.
There's a pretty good selection on extracurricular opportunities as they are mostly engaging, fun, and unique.
For the three years I've spent at Iona Prep so far, the teachers that I had were great. I had a few "hit or miss" teachers but most were pretty nice, intelligent, and helpful. As long as your respectful to them and in their class, you should expect the same in return.
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