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The classes are really fun and you are able to create a bond with your teachers and classmates. Everyone is willing to help you and they prepare you for college really well. There are a lot of activities to choose from too.
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'Iolani prides itself in being a college preparatory school but the true meaning of this is very limited. Iolani will encourage you to take part in tons of extracurriculars, sports, and clubs which is great. It also works its students to death with crazy amount of tests, presentations, essays, projects, readings, labs, and homework. This teaches kids how to procrastinate effectively and work extremely hard. However, they in no way prepare you for post high school life. There are no valuable lifeskill classes that teach things such as managing money/doing taxes/investing or finding your career path, living as an independent etc.
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Iolani School if the top school in Hawaii in terms of academics and challenging students to further their education. The teachers are undoubtably knowledgeable and always willing to pass on what they know. Everyone supports one another in any way possible.
'Iolani is a great place for your child to be nourished and to learn to the best of their abilities. There are great facilities for many different things for your child to use to their advantage. They provide much more for the kids, including the parents and teachers. You will be confident knowing your child will be the great all around person. They shape every single one of their kids into an astounding person. From whatever grade they enter, 'Iolani will do an amazing job nourishing them.
I have been going ‘Iolani School since kindergarten and have grown immensely because of the terrific teachers and opportunities at this school. The teacher are a ways willing to help the students when they need it. The school has an excellent environment and all the students get to create bonds that will last a lifetime. The school work is very challenging and takes quite a lot of time, but I feel it will prepare the students for college as well as great jobs in the future.
Iolani school has amazing facilities and very passionate intelligent professors. It is also a safe environment for students and offers a wide range of resources for its students. I do wish that the school was more diverse as a great majority of students are White and Asian.
Completing my junior year at 'Iolani School feels so rewarding. 'Iolani is known for its academic rigor and every year is a challenge. Although the course load is very demanding, 'Iolani has the facilities and opportunities for students who are driven and involved to pursue their interests.
Without a doubt, 'Iolani School provides the best balance of elements most critical for a student's success. The differentiator I appreciate the most is the smaller population; graduating classes are ~230. While friends at larger campuses only knew their immediate friends/teammates, I gained from campus culture and a small campus size that allowed everyone, despite their interests, age, and extracurricular affiliations, to be able to get to know each other and collaborate. Co-mingling is robust to a point that students know a majority of their class at graduation, a great value to networks as working professionals. At the same time, our classes were not too small, which provided access to a wider range of skills and backgrounds, while providing enough participants for our sports teams and clubs to be successful. Our size also provided opportunities to try new sports and take on leadership roles, which would be tougher on larger campuses with more people vying for those spots.
AMAZING SCHOOL. Excellent teacher that truly care about their students. Challenging academics. Increasing STEM opportunities with the introduction of the Sullivan Center for Innovation & Leadership. Wonderful clubs & sports. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
It was a great institution that definitely prepared me for undergraduate life. My standards are a lot higher than the education I'm getting right now, but that just goes to show how good Iolani is.
Great academic program! Great and experienced teachers. Great athletic and Christian program.academic program provides college preparation.
To be honest, Iolani was a huge jump for me entering into high school. Throughout preschool all the way to the end of middle school I was stayed at the same school. It was a small, private school with a very small class body. Yet, my first year as a freshman in Iolani went incredibly smooth. The teachers welcomed me with open arms and I quickly adapted to the new class sizes and my classmates were all kind and helpful. I didn't really feel out of place at all. I genuinely enjoyed my time in Iolani and highly regard it as a 5 star school. A place that you can make lots of good friends and wonderful memories. If anyone has the chance, I recommend giving Iolani a shot.
I had a great time here and wouldn't have changed my experience at 'Iolani. I definitely grew as a student, and was able to utilize the amazing academic and research opportunities provided by the school and its faculty.
Great Learning experience. The materials and tools given are top notch. Teaching staff has been shaky with recent retirements, but still well above average. However, the best thing about IKolani is the community and connection that you can use forever in your future career
Iolani School taught me the meaning of hard work. Loads of schoolwork became unbearable at times but in the end, it will all be worth it. Attending Iolani School, you will be surrounded by all sorts of talented people and I believe it will bring the best out of you. If there is anything that should be changed at school, I feel like the school needs to get rid of cliques. This is because it hinders communication amongst students and prohibits making potential valuable connections for the future.
I had a wonderful experience at Iolani. I started here in seventh grade and am currently a senior. The culture and the people here are amazing and the classes, while challenging, are very fun and I’ve learned so much.
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The students, faculty and staff all truly embody the "One Team" motto that 'Iolani proudly advertises. At this school, you will find teachers that care about you and are willing to help you throughout your high school career. Here, you will make life-long friendships and be opened to a whole new world of possibilities. As a college-prep school, 'Iolani is incredibly rigorous and academically challenging. Although it may be initially hard to adjust to the work-load, the pay off will be worth it all. You will graduate from this school feeling completely ready for college and confident that you will succeed.
Iolani School’s academics is top-notch. The teachers are quirky and unique, there are a wide range of resources available to students, and the curriculum is top-notch. If I have one complaint, it would be the homework load. Sometimes it is a little too much. However, I have heard many students say that college is easy compared to Iolani, so it can be a good thing. The STEM courses offered are excellent!
Our motto, “One Team”, is truly expressed in the way that we have a very loving community that welcomes all newcomers. This school is like my home away from home.