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Iola Senior High School Reviews

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I would like Iola High School to find ways to help others be more involved and included and make it feel safer and more like a family.
Iola High School is a pretty average school. The staff there care about you and your grades. The teachers try to make sure that you know how to do their work and help you if you ask. There are many different clubs and sports that you can join. There are a few areas that they can improve on, but overall Iola High School is a great school to go to.
I liked how close everyone was, everybody knew everybody and it was really comfortable. The teachers need to be harder on students, students walk all over teachers and we barley learn anything.
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They have a pretty fair safety measures put in place, given the small town that it is in.
There are a ton of different classes, groups, clubs, sports on so on, that make for a diverse range of extracurricular activities.
There are plenty of opportunities to involve a student's parents and families.
There is a real sense of community at this school. It's small enough to where you can get to know everyone, but big enough to where there are plenty of opportunities.
My favorite experiences were being in my culinary and agriculture classes they were classes that were hands on and interesting. I also enjoyed playing softball and tennis. Overall my experience at Iola High School was pretty eventful and great.
I think the quality of teachers can be approved there should be teachers that are more interested and knowledgeable in the subjects they are teaching. Also I think that these should be more classes that interest the students. Also I think the teachers should improve on their teaching styles they should teach so their teaching style is best for the students in the class to learn by.
the only health concerns is the random school fight. other than that there is no health concern.
really the only other extra curricular activities other than sports are ag and student council. I don't like sports and I don't like ag or stucco so really there is no extracurricular activity for me to do so I have a job and work
Even though the teachers and parents do not do their job as well as they should most of the students are pretty good.
The teachers at my school do not do a good job at teaching. There are a few teachers that do a good job and I have been lucky to have a few of them. One of my teachers is not fair in his grading at all. Basically if you are a girl and wear a low cut shirt in class then you will have at least a b without doing anything.
There are many clubs that cover a large range of student skills.
After attending Iola Senior High School, I gained a basic understanding of what to expect in college.
I believe the academics, the teachers, the curriculum are fine. My two oldest kids graduated and were more than ready to move on and continue their education. My third son is well on his way too.
Our school is desperately in need of rebuilding. I voted for the new school. The children and faculty deserve better.
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Two of my students have had enjoyable experiences. My oldest did not. He did not belong to many clubs, the few he did belong to were because students encouraged him to join. I feel it's important for staff and also students to understand how important it is to be accepting of others and to reach out and make all kids feel like they belong!
I know I've been to the school for different things and on more than one occasion I don't need buzzed in; usually there is a student that will let me in. Kids are on and off the school grounds with very little supervision. Bullying is an issue, I believe the staff does the best they can to stop it. I believe the policies regarding health are fine.
I really don't know of many extra-curricular activities in the school. It seems many kids don't have much going on unless they are involved in sports, but not all students are interested in sports. I just wish more went on for those who are not athletically minded.
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