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Inza R. Wood Middle School Reviews

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There were both good and bad things about Wood. On the positive side, there were many teachers there that seem to really care about the students and helped to enhance the learning environment with their unique styles. Wood also provided some opportunities that aren't available at other schools, such as a reward field trip to Powell's bookstore if you read a certain list of books or the chance to compete in Washington DC for mock congressional hearings. One thing that wasn't as great about Wood was that the class sizes were way too big. A choir class of 50 kids, especially middle school students who don't want to be in choir, is far to large to get anything done. Some of the teachers also just don't have control over their classes, and much of my time at Wood was wasted sitting in class doing nothing while teachers struggled to gain control. Overall, Wood was a decent school but not the best.
Good overall - average education with some selective opportunities for students who are willing to try, although most require students to submit a statement and admit only so many; the teachers are, for the most part, friendly and some actively promote acceptance with clubs such as the Student Equity Team; and the people in the office are helpful and work efficiently, often taking time out of their own schedule to help a student. Lacking areas include: diversity - out of about seven hundred students, I know of only eight black students and ten or so Asian students; the food can be nearly inedible or revolting at times (anything with cheese - grilled cheese, quesadillas), with limited vegetarian options, although everything else is fine; and the sports opportunities are pretty limited - only a track team and soccer club are actually established for the school itself, and students must rely on other programs to be able to play sports such as basketball, lacrosse, or others.
Worst Administration EVER. Counselor is less than responsive and I don't believe that this school is preparing 8th graders for high school.
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The students don't always follow the rules.
The sports were pretty organized.
I got to go on a trip to D.C. That was hard work.
Staff does a horrible job on teaching about race.
The teachers were great and helped the students.
There were only a few clubs students could join.
Bullying wasn't handled very well.
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