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Inwood Early College for Health and Information Technologies Reviews

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Inwood Early College give the students variety of opportunities, especially in the field of technology. IEC also gives the students the opportunity to start taking early college courses and earn credits throughout the semester.
I like the environment of encouragement as I walked through the hallways and had meaningful conversations with my teachers. Especially with my technology teacher as I got to know his background and his success story. I also learned what it takes to be in the IT industry which was my goal. Inwood early college change me in other aspects such as work ethics. I became a hard worker with the workload given to me.
the school tries their best but they don't give the best to the senior class since we are the first class of the school but gives so much to the others grades when thes senior class needs it the most.
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My experience at Inwood Early College was amazing overall. There were a lot of different opportunities since I am apart of the first graduating class. We were able to meet a lot of important people in important industries and we were even able to travel to their workspaces and ask them whatever we wanted. We were also given industry mentors which was very helpful in my high school journey. I wouldn’t change anything regarding my experience at this school.
I have been with the school since the beginning and as one of the first ever graduates this school will ever have, I am very confident in wherever new way this school chooses to go. All four years at this school have been an amazing experience, with engaging teachers and staff who are very considerate, to the wonderful students who liven up the school.
It's a pretty good school. I learn a lot , and the teachers is always there for me whenever I need them. The students are very friendly. It's a very safe environment. However, there's not too many sports and extra-curricular activities there because the school just opened in 2014.
Some of the staff are amazing and truly try to help students but others often expect us students to try and adapt to their schedule rather than them helping us.
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