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I was able to focus on only the subjects I needed to graduate. I would like for the school to have more extracurricular activities.
I love everything about in Invictus, it’s affordable, fun, homely and the teachers are very supportive
So far I really feel Invictus (Parma Hts. Location) has met my child's needs and has and continues to empower him in his studies. The staff is A-1 at this facility. Each and every teacher and administrator to the Secretary are exceptional and treat us with utmost respect and personal, not just a number in "the" system.
To help with college readiness, I would suggest an accredited foreign language course be offered.
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I like the friendly environment at the school and how the teachers are always willing to help a student through and assignment if they are struggling
It is a nice school because of how we can come in practically anytime and get as much work as we want done in a day. When the school is not open or you simply can not make it in, you can still do your work from your phone or computer. Compared to traditional schools this format is way better but the students at the school have to be self motivated or you will quickly fall behind.
The things i like about Invictus High School is the "work at your own pace", the teachers seem to really care and the students here are so nice.
its pretty nice it has lots of activity's that include getting your credit up and finishing. so yea so i really like this school hopefully i graduate on time so i can go to college.
what i love most about Invictus is the environment and the teachers are very helpful, it also fits around my work schedule.
Invictus High school has truly been the best school I've attended. The teachers are so much help, very nice, and they work at your pace. This school is really flexible when it comes to time, which is great. I honestly love it here!
when you go to invictus you just feel welcomed and they give you the confidence to do anything you want. honestly everyone should come to this school because they offer anything you need
I like how I can chose what times I can go to school and setting my own goals. The teachers really work with you to get things done quickly.
Great school to learn and earn your credits fast and the teachers are very helpful to every student.
This school provides students with a great opportunity to individualize their education and graduate early! Any student who puts their mind to it can get through their classes at an increased rate, while only attending one four hour session a day. A great way for students to earn their diploma without distractions that may exist in a traditional high school setting.
Invictus provides great individualized education so that a student can work at their own pace and not feel overwhelmed.
What makes Invictus such a great option is our flexibility. We work with each student to provide the best possible path to graduation based on where they are academically as well as personally. We also work with students and families to try and remove any barriers outside of school that might be preventing them from succeeding. In addition, we have many programs to assist our students beyond their high school diploma.
Invictus High School offers a safe alternative to failing public schools. Students are placed in a mentorship program with the experienced educators on staff, who are focused on helping students achieve their goals. Classes are asynchronous, which allows students to enroll at any time and with any academic background. Great choice for parents and students!
Great school with flexible options, and multiple pathways to graduation. They are now offering students the opportunity to earn workplace credentials to use in the place of OGT and EOC tests. Students can get an STNA credential for free.
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I graduated from this school. They work with you and don't waste your time. They have good teachers who care about you here.
Administration was ok...nothing special. Had to wear school t shirt all the time
Always had police officers at the door with security wand in hands as well as security cameras
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