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The environment is created to encourage students to do the best they can and have a plan for their future. This includes the teachers being very invested int he students inside and outside of the classroom, the classrooms designed in such a way to enable students to work efficiently, and admin/teachers/college counselor making resources on colleges and scholarships plainly available. One thing that should improve is student involvement, meaning creating multiple opportunities for the students to lead the school not just admin. Over the last year, I have seen an improvement of this.
Intrinsic is a great school to go to if you want a school that will give you the best help for life after high school. Since the school is small, a lot of things are limited like sports, clubs, and events. The majority of teachers at Intrinsic are great and are actually excited to come to school and teach. One problem is that the school teacher middle and high school so the high schoolers feels as though they never left middle school and they feel like they are not getting that high school experience one has always dreamt of.
Intrinsic is a very unique school. The technology is very modern. Academics wise, the school is still working to implement new courses, since it is still a fairly new school.
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The school has its flaws of course just as any other, and many might say bad things about it, but it is absolutely one of the better schools to get into if you want to be given great opportunities, supportive teachers and staff, and college ready.
I love Intrinsic. The teachers really do care. They make sure parents get involved. The school is pretty up to date with technology. Enrolling and getting accepted was one of my best decsions I have ever made. The school has a few clubs but I believe the school is in need of more sports club. Having a serious basket ball or foot ball team would be awesome in a school with so much to offer.
Intrinsic Charter Schools is what you make out of it, and that is what determines your perspective. I have enjoyed it as time passed, but did definently took some adjusting too it.
The school offers many special resources that other schools don't. It has definitely prepared me for college and a career.
The experience at Intrinsic Charter High School is really great. Everyone is friendly and is very respectful towards each other. The staff and teachers look out for the students academically . The school helps the student a lot by preparing them for PSAT's, SAT's and other major tests and also college. The only thing I would change is having lockers within the school. Students have to carry their items with them everyday throughout every class. And it's a lot of weight for a student. And also more space within the classrooms for students to move in.
What I like about Intrinsic Charter High School it motivates you to do what you got to do.The staff shows us that they care about us.Before I came to Intrinsic School I did not know what homework or being challenged felt like. I was always bullied here you don't get bullied every treats you the same.They take there time out the day to check up on us to make sure we are okay.
I really like that Intrinsic has some classes that I would normally take in colleges, such as economics and honors math. I love that I have my counselors helping me out with my college applications. Intrinsic is really strict, but it cares about its student's education. The teachers take the time to help students who are struggling which is something that I really like.
I like the classes and the staff they are really helpful to help students complete their goals. The thing i would like to change is the demerits to six instead of four.
Intrinsic has provided a huge impact on my life academically and socially. The staff is friendly and willing to help whenever needed; they are determined to help the students succeed and send them to college. Everyone is active within the school and community and that brings a lot of the students together. Our seniors are very motivated right now with the help of our college counselors and teachers; we've received over $2 million in scholarship money and over 100 acceptances with about 130 students in the senior class. The sports teams are very well supported by the school and our teams are only getting better with the experience that we have.
They are pros and cons about Intrinsic schools. What I like about Intrinsic schools is that they focus on your education. Its overall a really good school to attend, if you planned to be successful. The teachers and peers always trying to bring you up and its a safe environment for student to learn. The cons about this school is that it is strict. They are so many rules and teachers expect to much from students.
Intrinsic Charter High School is filled with young faculty members who are willing to do whatever it takes to get their students to postsecondary success. Although the school lacks school fun traditions and school spirit, it makes up for it with the teaching environment. Intrinsic Charter High School offers great opportunities for those who thought it couldn't be achieved. There were 18 students at this school admitted into Chicago Scholars. Keep in mind that this school has yet to have their first graduating class. As long as this charter school continues on its path, many more great things are yet to come.
Something that I liked from Intrinsic Schools is that there are preparing you to be able to go college. They are always making sure that you are in the right path and if you are okay in your classes. Something that I would like to see improve is the demerit system. Although we do have to get punished for our actions it is constantly over a mistake or something small which causes students to think if they are actually being treated as adults or kids.
Intrinsic Charter High School is a very well established school that provides all the essential needs for students who are eager to complete their education with a college degree. If you are not eager for education and are not willing to put in the time and effort to succeed high school, then this school is just not for you. The whole idea behind Intrinsic Charter High School is to push your students forward and beyond what is expected. The school provides a safe and diverse environment. They provide a variety of academics and extracurricular activities held by outgoing and friendly student leaders and faculty. Other than the food at Intrinsic, provided by CPS, the high school is well organized and is an excellent choice for those who are considering enrolling in it.
The school is very safe and does have a lot of security, it does also have health programs for students.
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There are extracurricular opportunities at this school, but they are very limited.
The school mainly focuses on the success of the failing students and expects the successful students to continue to do well without any guidance which is my only complaint.
The teachers at the school are mostly understanding, they do their job but then also continue to help the children that are falling behind.
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