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Interstate 35 Secondary School Reviews

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My experience was good, but I think that many areas in the school could change. I think that the way the education system is set up it does not prepare someone for college. The math program does not teach math in a way that people can learn. The school environment is fun, but I would really like to see the education system be changed into making kids motivated and ready for college.
I attended Interstate 35 from pre-k through 12th grade. It is a small school, but everyone knows everyone and I love that. The school is very nice compared to those around it. It has brand new facilities and is working to improve itself by both size and academics.
It's a great school but can help students prepare college more. They don't have classes for students to look for majors or even help them get started on their majors.
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Being a student at Interstate 35 my entire life, I like that we have a close community and know everyone at our high school. Unlike bigger high schools, we get the benefit of having a friendship with everyone in our high school hallways, including underclassmen. One thing that really needs upgraded is bullying awareness and the consequences. At Interstate 35, I believe that the school should have more strict rules. As of right now, the victim gets the same consequence as the bully, which is not fair of the victim unless they lead it on.
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