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Online schools don't always get the best rep but Internet Academy has been amazing to me, the teachers care about you and your education.
When we moved to the Seattle area this year, I was not able to get into any high schools because of our living situation, and other reasons I didn't have control over. I contacted IA and they were EXTREMELY helpful, got me into the last few classes I need, Kept my mom in the loop, and helped me get prepared for college. I would recommend IA to anyone looking for a school with the best teachers, administrators, and course work available!
I have been doing a full time online curriculum through Internet Academy for the last 3 months and it has so far been a very enjoyable experience! I have received an incredible amount of help from my teachers who were there every step of the way while I was planning what classes to take, and overall how to receive the credits required not only to graduate but to make a good impression on a college application as well. Although there was a period where I was struggling to locate the reading materials for my Pacific Northwest History class the teacher in charge of that class quickly helped me fix the problem so that I could resume the work on my assignments.
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It was great. I was able to earn my diploma by the time I wanted it by. Many of the classes were self-paced.
The teachers care and work with you to accomplish your goals. As a student who went to two previous high schools before attending, they worked with me to choose the best possible classes in order for me to graduate on time.
It's an okay school. The teachers are overworked, which makes an impact on the quality of interaction between teacher and student. The lessons need to be revamped. Wikipedia links should not be part of the readings, there needs to be more effort in the creation of the lesson plans. I do prefer this school over their competition WAVA K12, because Internet Academy offers more courses, but overall it was a very impersonal experience.
Teachers at Internet Academy are amazing!!!!!!!!!!
Internet Academy is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Internet Academy is an amazing school !!!!!!!!!!!!
Internet Academy is an amazing school!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Internet Academy is an amazing school.
Internet academy is an amazing school .
Internet Academy is an amazing school, This school has students K-12 and everyone is accepted. I love Internet academy because the teachers are amazing and very helpful, they make you want to do school work and I love that. I have been going to school at Internet Academy for 7 years and I loved every moment of it.
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