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International Studies Preparatory Academy is a very small highschool. Although it's not big and contain sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball, etc. My overall experience has been great academic wise. All staffs are very nice and open they tell us about upcoming events weeks before. Our principal communicates with us individually when we're in doubt about things. And it's very different compared to huge highschools since not many of the administration team communicate with students individually since there's a large amount of students. It's already the third day of school and we're starting on College essays so I'd say preparation is Excellent. Teachers are extremely nice and gives us good tips on our assignment. All AP teachers prepare us non-stop throughout the year to succeed on our exams and getting us ready to receive a 5.
This school is simply unique, with students from all over the world including Europe, South America, and and the U.S we students learn about different cultures daily. We interact with people who speak different languages and are diverse to one another. Not only do we get to experience cultural diversity but we feel safe in our school. With very few students and a staff who is highly invested in the safety and well doing of the students we feel at home.
I was going to write a bunch of positive things about this school because it does have a few good qualities, but the reason why I’m even writing on here is because I wanted to write about a major issue I wish I knew before entering this school. More then half the students at ISPA are “druggies”. If they aren’t smoking in the class rooms, they’re smoking after school at the park next to school. I found it very difficult to find friends who don’t smoke pot on the weekends. IM NOT JOKING. The French program doesn’t have one kid who hasn’t smoked before. I just think that by putting your kid in this school you will be exposing them to many illegal drugs, such as coke, Xanax, acid, shrooms, weed etc. The students aren’t the only problem, the teachers and staff at the office are also a major problem at ispa because they don’t like to hear your concerns about certain situations, they choose to ignore ever problem they think might lower the schools reputation.
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I particularly like my school. It has small classes, perfect for one-on-one conversations with the professors about assignments. They are always willing to help. The restrooms are neat and well decorated. It has a great variety of people such as Latinos and Europeans due to the international programs it has.
I liked that it is a small school, need better and more teachers, offer dual enrollment. Some sports are needed in school. Full time counselor is necessary.Cap Advisor is well prepared.
This school does an excellent job for getting you ready to go to college. It has a lot of diversity from students, which come from many European and southern countries.
I liked the diversity of cultures since we are a school of languages and there are people from France, Italy, all latin america, etc.
I would like to see a change in how the school handle things or problems that arise on the school.
ISPA is a veru diverse high school, filled with students from all over the world. Since it's a small school, all the problems are quickly solved.
I liked that the school atmosphere was friendly and warm. The school was small so it felt like we all knew each other
Coming from one of the biggest k-12 schools in Miami-Dade County (Coral Way K-8 Center) to one of the smallest high schools in the state of Florida was a big change and hard to adjust to or get accustomed to for a while. The cultural inclusion, diversity, and true emphasis on a well-rounded education according to each of the programs offered there is one of the aspects I appreciated most about the school. Faculty (for the most part) took the time to actually learn the students names and provide a space for creativity, intellectual engagement that made the students and parents feel welcome. I would love to see the expansion of college-level courses or prep classes to ensure that students are ahead when transitioning into that next phase of their lives.
Italians, Spaniards and French people take most of the space in the beautiful hallways of International Studies Prep Academy. The teachers are exceptional, classes are very challenging but they are always willing to help you with any struggle you may encounter. There is a vast amount of clubs and activities available for all students, which make the high school experience an amazing one.
Great magnet school with the best language program. All teachers are very professional. The school is on the top 50 of America.
This school provides a great window to new and different cultures, creating open minded people and preparing them to the social world. The staff is really involved with the students and they provide great support especially preparing them for college, by hosting numerous college fairs, promoting community hours events, and supporting students through every step of college applications.
International Studies Preparatory Academy is a school for students that speak, or are striving to speak fluently in more than one language. The school overall is decent, but the academics are lacking. The science and math departments are significantly weak. If one is looking to go to a smaller school and not polish math or science skills, this would be the school for you. The environment, though, is a great one, and it is interesting to talk to so many students from around the world.
The administration and staff have a good personal relationship with student to capture your interest. Teachers have different ways of teaching which keeps you open minded. They have many ways of helping students in need. All in all a great school.
ISPA is an excellent school. I fell in love with it the first time I visited the school. The atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly. The staff and administration is always available and professional. Additionally, the school is very clean!
ISPA is the best school to work at. The parents are very involved and cooperative, the students are very self directed and motivated to learn. The staff at ISPA is very friendly and knowledgeable.
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As a parent I loved the small size of the school. My son forged very strong friendships during the four years he was at the school. His classmates remain a big part of his life; the students support each other scholastically and personally. I believe that some of these friendships will last him a lifetime.
ISPA is full of diversity from the european region, you see french, Italian, Spanish students and the best part is that we all get along no matter where we are from or what language we speak!
Since ISPA is a small school made up of only 400 students everyone knows each other which means we treat each other like a big family.
While my experience at ISPA has been great so far — I just began my studies here this year — there are some things I would change. To be more specific, I would undoubtedly like to see better food served in the cafeteria. Based on my years at another Miami-Dade public school, I can tel that very poor food quality affects not only my school, but all of the district. Sure, the academics are great, at least at my school (and please note that ISPA is most likely an outlier), but how does Miami-Dade intend to capitalize on the untapped potential of such poorly fed students? The lack of decent on-site food must be addressed immediately, be it through improving the existing food or through letting students buy food from third-party sources.
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