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My experience at International Studies Learning Center in South Gate, CA has honestly been the best. Ever since I joined ISLC in sixth grade they’ve had me on the track for college. From learning note taking tips to helping me on my college applications and FAFSA. I can truly say they want their students to go to college and succeed. At first, I thought ISLC was a bit excessive because of their graduation requirements. Our requirements are 120 hours of community service, 120 for internship, a Capstone Project on a social issue, and an E-Portfolio describing us as individuals. However, throughout my years in high school I realized these requirements were to my benefit. It gave me new experiences, allowed me to find myself, and made me a more competitive applicant. My attitude towards community service changed. Before I would do it to complete it but once I finished I wanted to continue. I continued because I wanted to take action, see a change, and because I enjoyed helping.
International Studies Learning Center is a very small school filled with friendly people that create a welcoming feeling. It is very easy to make friends because all the students will most likely have a class with everyone from their grade. Teachers and other staff members are very supportive and encouraging when it comes to pursuing our dreams and taking action to meet our goals. International makes sure to give their students the opportunity to take college-level courses in order to get college credit and look more competitive when applying to colleges. I am very fortunate to have found this school and the support system that came with it.
International Studies Learning Center High School is a very small school but beneficial. The teachers are really helpful! Though I wish I could have been more informed with information about college and plans for the future, I’m glad I went to that school. You’re able to be you.
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ISLC is filled with school staff that truly encourages and helps develop my education/future and gives us the opportunity to become better citizens.
International Studies Learning Center (ISLC) is a small school with a lot of student and parent involvement. Due to its size everyone gets along and knows one another. As far as academics, this school really pushes you to reach your full potential and become the best person you can possibly be.
Very tight knit community. However, our counselors give us very little to no help and there aren't very many classes to choose from. Our budget is not managed well either. You're better off going to STEAM or Southeast.
My experience at International Studies Learning Center has been very disappointing based on their overreaching intentions and opportunities. They say they are preparing students for college, which they somewhat are, but what about those who choose to not go to college or cannot go to a university after high school. My school should not only inform us about college but also life skills in general for those who choose not to go to college. And aside from the very base of my school, they are removing resources that we as students need to get into college. They are cutting out programs such as the French curriculum, TRIO, and many other fundamental opportunities for students.
If you want a school that pushes students to strive for high achievement in academics leadership and community involvement, this is the place. With rich studies in foreign languages and cultures, this school offers a rich indulgent in studies with foreign countries. At this school the question isn't "Are you going to college?" but rather "Which college are you going to?"
I like this school because it has in many ways made me college ready and job ready. Students have to do 120 hours of community service and 120 hours of internship. It may seem like a lot but it really isn't and will benefit you when applying to colleges. There are some changes I would like to see however, such as more parent involvement and better food.
I liked that the school has languages, which other schools in the area don't have. The fact that our teachers are a diverse group gives the students a different view on the world. The school is into the idea that the students should be global citizens and know how to connect their assignments to the world.
From my experience, international studies learning center is a great environment to study in. Very few students go to that school , in this case it's helpful socially and academically. Everybody knows one another. The teachers try to help any way possible and help prepare us for college. However what I would like to see change is the way teachers sometimes mess up grades or put in the wrong grades.
My experience was very educational. Though I did have many tough times with the requirements. The school gives you the above amount of requirements of graduating so you not only graduate but you also follow through through collage.
In International Studies Learning Center or ISLC for short, the campus can be vary calm especially during cloudy days. The teachers are very nice and give the students many opportunities like turning in late assignments, but the assignments would be worth lesser points. The school has tutoring after school which I do not attend, but it is an opportunity for other students to receive help. Overall ISLC is a great school and I hope some teachers descipline or give everyone equal consequences.
Being a student at International Studies has its ups and downs. To start off with I think this school does very well at helping us prepare for college. In order for us to walk the stage and receive our diploma we must complete 120 community service hours and 120 internship hours. I think that this helps us become better citizens. The only problem I have with this school is the fact that they are too strict. We share a campus with two other high schools and it seems like they have a lot more fun and freedom when it comes to activities involving the school. So seeing a change there would be nice.
My experience at International Studies Learning Center has been a little below satisfactory. The school lacks diversity and cultural art involvement on part of the students. Apart from that, the academic criteria is rigorous but the teachers and staff are always there to help. There are multiple opportunities to be involved at school and to start your own organizations. Several resources are at hand to the students, too. ISLC instills global competencies onto their students and prepare them for college but more importantly, for life.
My experience at ISLC has been amazing. The academia is challenging, but many resources are offered to help. The teachers push all their students to do their best. The school is culturally focused, which helps to experience the culture of other nations. However, it would be wonderful if the school offered more visual and performing arts classes.
My experience at International Studies Learning School has been a great experience so far. This school really helps students expand their potential in learning which is really helpful in the future. Many students have a chance to really express themselves because they are never neglected. Since this is a really small school of students that gives everyone the opportunity to know each other. That comes in handy because we know that later on if we ever need help, we can depend on one another. Overall of the students, teachers also make a huge impact in our lives, because of them is why we can all have such a successful education. Teachers care about their students of international, which is why they give 100 % of their dedication to their students. I wouldn't change anything about International.
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At International, students get a glimpse of how competitive people are in a global era. Attending a school that has a focus on languages, International prepares students to be successful on a global scale. International offers many opportunities that pave a path towards success. The rigor of the curriculum accurately reflects how prepared students are for college. The fast-growing community provides an opportunity to integrate in an adaptable environment. The only obvious flaw is the size of the school considering that so much potential can't fit in such a small campus.
I have been at this school all six years and it was okay. There is a lot of graduating requirements such as community service, E-Portfolio, internship, and Capstone project. The teachers are great and very helpful. They also help students strive for the best in their education. Overall, you may not like this school but it'll help prepare you after graduating high school.
I have been attending this school for 5 years now and I really like it because the school itself is very small and I have just gotten used to the small size from middle school all the way to high school. My experience so far is good, I have had no problems with teachers or students. I really like that we are exposed to different languages and that we have the SLOs that show us how to reflect on our daily learning. There is also the AVID program they offer which I think has been a huge help for me because it's exposed me to colleges and my potential future. But because of the location there is a lot of fear of kids being exposed to the wrong friends and influences so I think that is a problem in the school. Perhaps just staff being more careful and watching out for the kids.
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