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I liked the diversity of cultures and how students were encouraged. I think that teachers could prepare students more regarding college readiness and talk about their experience.
I liked some of the teachers and their dedication toward making unknown concepts understandable. The food is usually indigestible; of the three high schools I've attended they have the worst by far. The hallways are way too narrow for the 700-something amount of students in that 3-floor building, commuting in the building is extremely annoying and it's a miracle that it is still possible to make it to class on time.
International Studies offers a myriad of opportunities for accumulating college credits as well as a close-knitted community with teachers as well as counselor's and fellow students. Students are able to not only grow academically but also as a person being that the environment consists of teachers and students from all over the world. Although the quality of the education is quite high, the same cannot be said about the physical building itself which could use quite a few renovations.
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International studies charter is a great school as its ranked third in the state of Florida. Students are required to take an AP course before graduation which shows great preparation for college. The school prepares students very well for college courses as the classes are very rigorous. However, The school is very small and the hallways are very crowded. Overall, my experience at ISCHS was very good and would recommend the school to people considering going to the school.
These past 4 years of my life in International Studies Charter have been life changing. Since, it is an international school, I had the opportunity to to learn and appreciate the culture of the French, Italians and Spanish students. I was amazed on how each culture has their own traditions. In my 4 years of high school, I have been able to differentiate when an individual is speaking French or Italian, which was an ability I did not have before. Throughout middle school and first 3 years of high school I have taken Spanish as my language, however, this year I decided to expand my horizons and take advantage of ISCHS's resources and take an Italian course. I am more than thankful for choosing ISCHS's as my school throughout high school as I will always call it my "home".
The school overall was nice and what you expect it to be. My only complain would be about how small the school is. The school feels crowded and you feel like your stuck with the same people for a couple of years. The school also lacks a space for physical education better than a parking lot which is what it currently has.
ISCHS in my opinion is very underrated. The curriculum is great because the classes offered are either honors or AP. There are no regular classes other than a few electives such as yoga or PE. The teachers are all very experienced and prepare students well for testing as well as for the future. The sports aren’t their strength, but the school does offer a good amount. The clubs and organizations are great, and they offer NHS and Key Club and Model UN. If anyone wants to open their own club then they can request to do so. The students are overall very friendly and everyone no matter how conservative they may be can find a friend due to the small size of the school. The students are very diverse since they consist of Hispanics, Frenchies, and Italians. Although the school may be small, the classes and everything else about it is amazing and should be given better credit for.
Ischs is terrible. To start off, the teachers do not teach anything. Most of them aren’t even certified to be teachers. When the school is getting visitors, they basically flip their school around and make it seem like something it’s not. The school does not deserve any of the awards they receive. The principal doesn’t even care about the students, but pretends he does. The police are at school at least once every week due to actions that weren’t taken care of by him. The school offers barely any clubs and whenever we ask to start a club, the principal always denies it. The PE court is a parking lot with zero grass space and barely any sports. They make the parents pay money yearly to improve the school, but I’m just not seeing any improvement, so I really don’t know what the principal is doing with all the money he earns from parents. I am now in 9th grade and I can’t wait to leave ischs. If you are reading this, don’t even bother applying....its terrible.
I mostly liked the friendly environment and the fact that is full of students from around the world, whom you can share opinions and ideas.
International Studies offers a culturally diverse learning experience. With three language programs to choose from, (Spanish, Italian, or French) you are guaranteed to expand your horizons and broaden your mind to different parts of the world.
The academics at International Studies are remarkable; the teachers are great, however, the school environment is displeasing and the building is not suitable for the amount of students attending the school.
I like that International Studies Charter High School is one of the most diverse schools in the Miami-Dade County, that the school provides plenty of resources to students, and that the level of college readiness is very high.
I would like to see that the school provide students a larger variety of clubs/sports.
International Studies Charter High offers a great education with access to smaller classes however an closer relationship to teachers and other faculty.
What I like about International Studies Charter High School is the diversity. I value diversity in a school environment because it allows for students to have different perspectives and experiences early on. Later this plays a huge role in the work environment because we have developed tolerance and acceptance towards those who are different to us.
The quality of this school has gone down over time. All of the great teachers that were once there have left. Not many course offerings. School does not communicate information well, many are not well informed. Clubs and activities are very limited. Security guards are very rude. Teachers communicate well with students and create a great classroom environment. School has little money to provide students with necessities. The school's location should encourage staff to make it safer. Some administration is friendly, but others do not help students. Food in the school is not varied, just hispanic. This limits students who are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose intolerant.
What I like about the High School are the minority amazing teachers that want to best for kids emotionally and professionally. Unfortunately, there are many cons, the major one being that the principal and vice-principal overwork teachers and it does not equate to their salary, explaining as to why many great teachers are leaving. Overall, there is no respect for students as there are being treated as objects that receive money for the school and not as human beings who are trying to become their true self, which is blocked by the lack of respect by the head staff. The students from 6th-12th grade are mature and desire to voice their opinion but are blocked by the consistent threats of detention and referrals, which scars them into not giving their opinions of the educational system in the school that will furthermore, make them more susceptible into not living their lives to the fullest potential.
It has been a great experience. Academically is a great school. Being an international school, it has a lot of diversity. People from all over the world study at this school bringing more cultures to learn from. There are many after school programs such as, clubs, sports, and student government. This helps the students and faculty members interact more besides in a class or inside classroom. Though it is a three floor building it has many resources for the students and staff. It also has many courses to choose from giving the students a range of opportunities to chose from, and a wider range of knowledge.
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I have been a student at International Studies Charter High School for seven years since I enrolled in 6th grade. The academics opportunity is great since the school offers a double curriculum in order to offer a double high school diploma. Furthermore, the quality of the academic programs are great and offer a good education thanks to the overall good teachers.
The diversity of the student body is great; since it is an international school, students from all over Europe and Latin America.

However, the administrative, food and facilities gave at disposition aren't of good quality, since the food isn't healthy, the administration is a mess (changes of schedules and other requests take a very long time) and the facilities put to disposition are mostly old and malfunctioning.
The PE court isn't adequate for proper exercise. We have to exercise PE on a parking lot.
International Studies is a highly diversified school in which children in both middle and high school can learn to appreciate different cultures. Aside from the small building in which it is located, the school makes up for it with its academic achievements and nationwide recognition. Having attended for 4 years I can honestly say that I am glad to have been part of this little family.
I spent my entire High School life at ISCHS. At first I was hesitant in going there when searching for a high school to go to. But once I got there and integrated myself I absolutely loved it. I attended ISCHS to follow a dual-curriculum program which included the French Baccalaureate High School Diploma and the American High School Diploma. I received a very thorough education in everything needed to succeed. The french program is so good that when I initially went in I barely even knew how to read and write in french, and I only spoke a bit. By my senior year I was passing the French national exams along with my french classmates and passed!
International Studies Charter High School is a fairly small school which lends to the atmosphere of knowing everyone. All your teachers are friendly and you know practically everyone you pass in the halls.
I highly recommend this school.
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