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i went there from 1983-1987. We learned about languages and cultures from around the world. This specialized education continues to interest me to this day. the small class size helped students thrive.
We have some sports for extracurricular opportunities, however, we don't have many clubs. We have boy's club, girl's club, chess club, after school recording band, and poetry club.
My favourite moment was when I first came to America and went to that school and struggled to speak english but my teachers and friends encouraged me to speak up and waited for me to ask the question properly.
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The teachers at ISA are really friendly and they approach students who are struggling and tell them to ask for help if needed.
Its fun and the teachers are very engaging
This school is a great school for people who want to attend a small population school. Students get much more attention from teacher and school. It is very easy to build relationship with others. Some of the weaknesses are lack of AP course, enforcement of rule in a classroom, and competition that will motivate students.
They are always there to help and support you will everything school related and outside of school related. They give out the best information and they listens to student opinions of what they like and what they don't like. This school makes me feel like home being in an environment with so many supportive adult and knowing that they care about you is the best feeling ever. This is the best school I've attended in my whole life.
The school has a family atmosphere, mostly
My 7 years of ISA is okay. The school has it's ups and downs. The great thing about ISA is that it's a small community with only about 200+ kids or less. Because it's a small school, I am able to talk and meet with my teachers one on one. The school is not too loud either, it's rather peaceful due to it's low number of students. The teachers at ISA are the most amazing people I've ever met. They would help you when you need it even when you don't tell them. The cons about ISA is that, it is not challenging enough. To challenge myself I had to take college classes outside the school since they have remove all AP classes in campus. Honestly it's an amazing school, I feel like ISA is a small family, although it just hasn't prepared me too well with college.
school administration it was good i love it
this school is good because no one do drug
i love the teachers in this school because they are good and helpfull
I like this school. Teachers care about the students, and students are really friendly to each other. I would say I've grown a lot because of the pleasant environment from this school and the support from my staffs and peers.But in terms of academic curriculum in this school, I think teachers need to step it up! But other than that, I love this school.
The dress code is lenient., and school admin are kind and helpful!
It's good, but can improved.
Team spirit are high, school spirit are intense!
The extracurricular are limited but dedicated..
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The nurse and wellness center was pretty much always open. You can go in there just to talk or get a snack if you aren't feeling well. Also, they kept students aware with many workshops about sex education, health and safety.
The food overall was average cafeteria food, which not very many people like. It you had money, you can buy food from the beanier, which wasn't much better than the cafeteria. As for me I always brought a lunch, it was much better.
There were a wide range of extracurriculars at the school and around the area. Plenty of different clubs and roles you can hold at/in the school, while the after school program held different activities as well. Also, if you want you could always start a club yourself and funraise for it.
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