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International Studies & Global Economics at Olympic High School Reviews

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I first enrolled in Olympic Community of Schools when I was a Sophomore. certain teachers came to my rescue the first moment I took my first step. I was able to learn very fast thanks to how they teach any given subject. I love this school, because I love it's unique educational structure, and I would recommend this for rising students everywhere in Southern Charlotte.
All the teachers were younger, closer to our age, which made it easier to connect with them. They all knew how to keep kids interested, through activities, videos and games.
The school itself is 5 rivaling schools in one. This is more or less a personal matter but I kind of enjoy the amount of conflict that occurs among the 5 schools, as well as when at least two of the schools collaborate together in some big event. I was, in my opinion, fortunate enough to have enrolled in what was considered the smallest and most neutral of the 5 schools, simply called Global, instead of the more popular and somewhat prestigious METS school. Within the 4 years of my time there, Global had gained a very strong academic and societal reputation, resulting in it being the highest ranked of the 5 schools, while the METS school had alienated itself from the rest of the other schools and ended up falling through due to some transgressions.
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I always eat at the cafeteria and they taste good.
Even they were a lot of after school activities there are a lot of students that don't take advantage of this.
even if I beleive in punishment I don't agree with out-of-school suspension. This is like vacation for the student.
All the sport count with the support of the student body and the teachers and a lot of them look at the athletes as model for stay away from alcohol and drugs.
I think they need more teachers for the special need students but is not the fault of the school but of the system that have cut so many teachers position and a lot of them are in the special need area.
I always have been against drinking and drugs because I always been an athlete and both are very damaging to the health and reputation, also can bring a lot of trouble whit the police and even death.
Me and my parents enjoy the years at the school because the teacher were committed to the students and the sports united different ethnic people and the parents forge great friendship between them and the teachers and coaches.
I came from Puerto Rico and couple of my friends are from different countries around the world and I learn from their countries and tradition.
All the classes and the teachers experience prepare me to go to college and prepare myself for the future
I enjoy all my 4 years at school and the teacher were good and dedicated to teach all the student so they have the best chance for success.
Safety is questionable. Some students are immature and likes to put other things on another person's back.
Very good teachers and staff. Once again, no questions asked.
Teachers here are very caring. They would even take out their personal time to help you.
Everything is great in the school. No question asked.
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Cafeteria does not provide a lot of choices nor different varieties.
There are several clubs that you can join in the school. And they live up to the purpose of the clubs and overall is very well.
Overall Admission is great. Policies are well rounded with several well established consequences.
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