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As an istp alumni who attended the school for a whopping 9 years, I can tell you that it was alright during my fist years. Upon attaining middle school and having ib forced upon me I could not dislike it more. In addition, I don't think the school provided me with the skills needed for a highschool environment, especially public. For any kids currently going to this school I would recommend transferring asap!
Thank you for your time <3
We've had both of our children at ISTP's French immersion program for seven years and it's been a wonderful experience. The children are happy to learn at school, they are fluent in both languages. The academic program including math and science, art and drama are really strong and IB programme will make it even better. The children are engaged, interested in many topics, they dive deep in discussions with ease in both languages. We love the community and enjoy participating in many school community events, it's absolutely wonderful.
This is our seventh year at ISTP and our two children are thriving there. We initially sought a bilingual education because my spouse is French and we wanted our children to be able to communicate fluently with their French family members. We quickly realized that ISTP offers a multi-faceted education that extends far beyond a language immersion program. Our children are learning to be globally-minded, approach problems in different ways, assess their own abilities through the lens of the International Baccalaureate (IB) learner profiles, be socially and emotionally aware, gain an appreciation for and proficiency in the arts - all in addition to the top notch training in reading, writing and mathematics. The IB program is relatively new to ISTP and the incoming Head of School has impressive experience in this area. We are thrilled with the school and its community and look forward to our children continuing to learn and grow with the latest and greatest advances in education at ISTP.
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The students here have an opportunity to learn different languages and cultures, and grow into true global citizens. These youth are natural "problem solvers" as they are encouraged to question, explore, and innovate. Middle school can be time of challenge as students enter their teen years. The IB program encourages reflection, and while many students may not know to appreciate the value of this life skill yet, they are actually learning to be very adept at self-reflection. This skill will serve them well as they move on to higher education. This is not a program that teaches to any "test". This is a rigorous program that teaches students to think, question, and reason.
My 2 children have been at ISTP for 3 years now. We are extremely happy with the teachers and staff, not to mention the parent community, which is awe inspiring. The IB approach truly teaches students HOW to learn and problem solve. In this international environment, these students actually learn how to succeed in the real world.
We have had a great experience at ISTP. For the last six years, my son has been learning a language that neither my husband nor I speak, and his teachers report to us that he speaks like a native! He is already excited about learning a third language in Middle School, and can't wait to continue to expand his love of languages and cultures.

Beyond the language, we have also been very happy with the small class size and the overall level of academics provided - as well as the additional offerings such as computer science, drama, design, music, and art.
All three of my children attended ISTP and the scope of their educational foundation is amazing. All three are truly bilingual and display a maturity an confidence that is not normally found in high school students. I highly recommend ISTP to any parent that wishes to give their child a solid educational foundation and the gift of another language
My children truly learn how to THINK and DO at ISTP. They are becoming thoughtful, problem-solving, kind people, thanks to ISTP. The blend of the language immersion, strong traditional skills, and the IB approach is top-notch!!
On my last review i accidentally put one star i meant to put 3. I still like ISTP but I do think ISTP is not as good now because of the new IB program that was recently implemented.
Istp is an amazing school academically, the teachers are great and supportive. However, the social life of the students could be better as well as the after school activities. The IB system is enforced and because of this the school has changed drastically in a negative way. ISTP should change this or get rid of it completely in order to make a better environment.
IB is supposed to be a program to encourage students into committing to being "vigorous" learners. But of course, there are always the flaws of new programs that tend to get into the way. IB has been a burden to most students as it demands for excessive effort in possessing these peculiar "learner profile" terms (communicator, principled, etc.) and it's absolutely unnecessary. Students are also required to reflect on things that do not need to be reflected on, therefore deluging the amount of reflections instead of actually ameliorating the actual project itself. This results in the final product being poor. In the end, if it weren't for IB, the school would have been a fine school.
Its alright, very stressful environment ever since IB was implemented in the school.Students dislike it, teachers struggle with it. RIP ISTP
I have been at ISTP for 9 years. I am now finishing my last year at ISTP. ISTP used to be a great school but since IB has been installed, I think the school has become really superficial and fake. I am truly disappointed in this school. Thank you for making me depressed.

Also, I'm trying to write this review on the school Wi-Fi but it's so bad, I can't.
I have been working at ISTP for over 4 years now and have had a wonderful experience. Having previously taught in other international schools around the world, I was worried that in my move back to the US I'd lose a lot of the internationalism that is so important to me. ISTP, is truly an international school- with colleagues and families from all over the world I immediately felt at home. Colleagues bring with them ideas on best practice from their varied teaching experiences and administration have create a safe, trusted space where they encourage teachers to share, innovate and constantly grow. There is a really lovely atmosphere amongst all faculty and staff and a shared desire to always put the students first.
My daughter has been at ISTP for six years. I can't say enough good things about the school! The addition of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program with an emphasis on inquiry-based learning has made a strong academic program even better. In addition to developing bilingualism in our daughter, there are a variety of classes that foster the whole child. She has been learning computer science and design thinking since kindergarten and loves her PE, Art, and Music classes. We love that there are two immersion programs, Chinese and French, which makes for a diverse and internationally-minded community. Most importantly, our daughter is developing an understanding of the world that focuses on compassion and responsibility.